One condition from Scaloni for Messi’s participation.. and the Canada coach’s plan to stop him!

Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni has confirmed his full confidence in the abilities of his team captain Lionel Messi, noting that there is only one condition for his participation in the matches.

In contrast, Canada coach Jesse Marsch revealed his plan to stop the Inter Miami star in the semi-finals of the 2024 Copa America between the two teams, which will be held at dawn on Wednesday.

Argentina beat Canada in the first match between the two teams with two clean goals, scored by Julian Alvarez and Lautaro Martinez, with a great contribution from Lionel at the beginning of the ball that led to the first goal and the creation of the second goal, but he wasted many sure opportunities to increase the score in that match.

Scaloni said during the press conference before facing Canada in the semi-finals of the tournament: Copa America 2024 In the United States, Messi is in good condition and is an important and essential element for the national team, confirming his complete readiness to participate and that there is a state of calm among everyone.

Scaloni explained that the physical condition of the star and captain of “Albiceleste” is a decisive factor for his participation, noting that he trusts his star even if he is not in his best condition, as he knows how to make a difference.

Asked about the decision to play a player if he is not in good shape, Scaloni explained that the decision is very easy, saying: “99% of the time Messi is ready to play. I don’t remember a time when he was not fit. The decision is easy for me, it is very clear. I sit with him and we discuss it together, and if he is fit, he plays.”

Canada coach reveals new plan to stop Messi

For his part, the coach confirmed Canada national teamJesse Marsh said his team would not be man-marking the Argentine “flea” during the semi-final.

Marsh noted that Canada did not do a good enough job of marking Messi in the tournament’s opening match, as he was able to run too freely towards the goalkeeper. He added that they have some plans to make things difficult for Messi, and that limiting the space available to him is their priority.

From Uruguay's participation in the Copa America 2024

March praised Messi’s skills, saying: “He is the best to ever play football. With all due respect to him, it is always an honour to play against a player like him. Our players are motivated and the challenge is great.”

Marsch stressed that his team will be very cohesive, and will try to limit Argentina’s spaces, play safely with the ball and use speed and power. He expressed his great respect for the Argentine team, explaining that his team is physically challenging and competes for every pass on the field.

Marsh added that Argentina is a great team in pressing and set pieces, they have the best goalkeeper in the world, they defend well and are good with the ball, and they have smart, dynamic players who are good in one-on-one confrontations.

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