Neymar responds strongly to critics of his move to Al Hilal Saudi Arabia

Neymar is currently with the Brazil national team, which is preparing to face Bolivia in Brazilian Para on Saturday, before meeting Peru on Wednesday, as part of the World Cup qualifiers for South American teams.

Neymar: The Saudi League is stronger than the French

Neymar said during a press conference held yesterday, Thursday: “Football is definitely the same, the ball is the same, they score goals, and given the names, the Saudi League has become stronger than the French League, and the training there is intense, and my colleagues and I are thirsty to win there greatly and crown with Al Hilal.”

He added: “Everyone believes that Saudi League Weak, but the same thing happened to me when I moved to the French League. At that time, people thought the same thing, but I had never been hit in my life by defenders more than there.”

He continued: “The players who play there know how difficult it is to play in the Saudi League competition, and I am sure that winning the competition will not be easy, because the teams have strengthened their ranks with new players, and it will be a very fun and interesting tournament.”

Regarding his readiness after returning from injury, Neymar replied: “I am not 100% ready, but I am fine to play. I do not consider the words of coach Jorge Jesus.” Crescent moonAt that time, it was harsh. I was already going to the last match for Al-Hilal against Al-Ittihad, but I received a blow in training, and he himself made the decision to keep me in the next matches.

He continued: “I do not find any difficulty in maintaining my level with Al Hilal, and my next goal is to achieve all the championships with the club. I am a person who is always thirsty for victory and our team has great players.”

And he added, “I made the decision to move to Al-Hilal club a long time ago, but no one knew about it, only close people knew about it.”

And he continued: “Since I moved to the ranks of Al-Hilal, I see many complaining and talking about my future. I am the one who cares and pays attention to my life, and I hope that they take care of their lives.”

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