New problem in the Iraqi Olympic team

The Iraqi Olympic team faces a new problem before actually entering the competitions Paris Olympics 2024.

The Iraqi national team faced a number of problems and challenges during the past period, most notably changing the team’s coaching staff and adding a foreign assistant coaching staff.

The sources toldwin win“The coaching staff of the Iraqi Olympic team suffers from difficulty in communicating and understanding the language between the local and Spanish staff, especially after coach Radhi Shenaishil decided to hire the Spaniard Pablo Grandis to be an assistant and David Valle to be a goalkeeper coach, and they are part of the assistant staff of coach Casas.”

The problem of the translator in the Iraqi Olympics

“The assistant coaches find it very difficult to communicate with the rest of the local coaching staff, which consists of Radhi Shenishil as coach, Qusai Munir as second assistant, Abdul Amir Naji as analyst, and Ismail Salim as fitness coach. The same applies to the players and the difficulty of directing them, especially since the goalkeeping coach only communicates with goalkeeper Kamil Saad, who currently works as a translator between the coach, players, and goalkeepers to convey ideas,” she added.

She added: “The Spanish assistant staff requested that the Iraqi national team’s translator, Mohammed Abdul Hafeez, join as a translator with the Iraqi Olympic team, but coach Radhi Shenaishil refused Abdul Hafeez’s presence. Therefore, the translator problem has continued and has not been resolved yet, as communication has remained difficult for both parties.”

She noted: “The head of the Iraqi Football Association, Adnan Darjal, will meet with Shenishil to address this issue, in order to put in place the possible facilities and procedures to overcome it and go to Paris without any obstacles or anything that could disturb the atmosphere in the Olympic team.”

The Olympic team coach, Radhi Shenaishil, met with Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani yesterday, Tuesday, to discuss the team’s needs in the Olympics and provide all possible means to make Iraq’s mission a success, including a private plane and other logistical matters.

Iraqi Olympic team

The Iraqi Olympic team will play in Group Two at the 2024 Paris Olympics, alongside the teams of Argentina, Morocco and Ukraine.

This is the sixth participation of the Iraqi national team in the football competitions at the Olympics, as its last participation was in the 2026 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, and Iraq left the tournament from the group stage.

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