Negative and positive numbers for Zamalek in the Egyptian League

The club’s technical director stressed Zamalek Jose Gomez confirmed that all of the remaining White Knight matches in the Egyptian League competition will be cup finals; Because of his ambition to return to competing for the championship title.

Zamalek is preparing to play the Ceramica Cleopatra match, scheduled for June 14, which was postponed from the eleventh round of the Egyptian Premier League competition.

The team occupies twelfth place in the Premier League standings this season, with 28 points, after playing 17 matches.

Zamalek tied with Al-Ahly Bank with three goals for each team in the friendly match that was held between them at Petrosport Stadium in preparation for the resumption of the Premier League competition.

The current period is witnessing an international pause in preparation for the Egyptian national team’s confrontation with Guinea Bissau in the fourth round of the African qualifiers for the World Cup, after the Pharaohs recently defeated Burkina Faso in the third round.

Zamalek team during the Modern Future match

Zamalek achieved 8 victories, 4 draws and 5 defeats. It scored 26 goals from 87 shots on the opponents’ goal, and scored 24 goals from inside the penalty area and only two goals from outside the area.

Positive numbers for Zamalek in the Egyptian League

  • Zamalek has the best conversion rate for big chances into goals at 64%.
  • Zamalek has the best passing accuracy in the league, with 85%.
  • Zamalek has the second highest ball possession rate, 61%, behind Pyramids, 63%.
  • Zamalek’s 26 goals in the league are distributed between the two halves of the matches (13 goals in the first half, 13 goals in the second half).

Negative numbers for Zamalek in the Egyptian League

  • Zamalek is the team that made the least dribbles, with only 104 dribbles.
  • Zamalek is the third-least team in the Egyptian League, winning balls from the opponent in the offensive third of its field, only 53 times.
  • Zamalek is the second team in the Egyptian League that lost the most points after taking the lead (losing 12 points).
  • Zamalek scored only two headed goals in the league (the fourth-fewest team).
  • Zamalek’s winning percentage is only 47%, i.e. less than half.

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