Nazir crisis escalates and Al-Ittihad fans announce boycott of Saudi League

The crowds expressed the Union Her extreme anger at the administrative handling of the crisis of the club’s non-profit foundation president, Louay Nazer, stressing that the continuation of the current situation will make her boycott the Saudi Professional League matches “Roshen League” during the next season 2024-25.

Saudi press reports confirmed that Nazer had submitted his resignation from his position due to some administrative interference in his work, and it was said that the Saudi Ministry of Sports accepted the resignation. In light of this, the members of the board of directors of the non-profit union decided that Louay Mish’abi would be the chairman, and Abdul Aziz Al-Zaid would be the vice chairman, until the next general assembly is held.

Belgian Arthur Theit, Rennes player, was on the verge of joining Saudi club Al-Ittihad

According to the newspaper,Sports“New resignations are expected from the members of the union’s management in the coming days, and if 5 members resign, a quick date will be set for the General Assembly to convene.

Public threat to boycott stands in Saudi League matches

After talking about accepting Nazer’s resignation, the unionists launched a hashtag on the social media platform “X”, entitled “Al-Ittihad fans boycott the league”, through which they confirmed that the only solution to respond to what is happening is to boycott the Saudi League matches in the coming period.

The hashtag “Al-Ittihad” spread like wildfire during the past hours, and the fans of “Al-Ameed” wrote thousands of angry tweets due to the current situation, especially since the team is expected to prepare well for the start of the new sports season, and this cannot happen amid the state of administrative chaos.

One of the tweeters said: “Al-Ittihad fans are the most influential thing in your league. Boycotting attendance simply equals a disastrous failure for the league. Al-Ittihad is fighting and the fans, as usual, are the ones paying the price. Louay Nazer resigned and the fans will boycott the Saudi league.”

Another fan confirmed that the best response to what is happening is for the Al-Ittihad stands to appear empty during the next season, calling on the Jeddah club’s fans association to announce the suspension of its attendance at matches, in the event that the club’s decision-making independence is rejected, and Louay Nazer’s resignation is accepted.

Another tweeter pointed out that Nazer was the only hope for the Ittihad fans to return the team to its natural place, but now the picture is clear to everyone, adding: “No one wants the Ittihad to return. Work for the project and leave your biases aside.”

For his part, Al-Ittihad media figure, Muhammad Al-Bakri, recalled the statements of the former club president, Anmar Al-Haili, at the end of last season 2024-24, in which he criticized the player recruitment program’s dealings with Al-Ittihad, and its failure to grant the required deals.

Al-Bakri said: “The former president, Anmar Al-Haili, kept quiet, then exploded at the end of the season. As for the current president, Louay Nazer, he could not bear it for the first two weeks, and submitted his resignation.”

Al-Haili had left the presidency of the union and was replaced by Louay Nazer, who won by acclamation the presidency of the non-profit union foundation, after the electoral general assembly was held and the legal quorum for the club’s members foundation was completed, on Thursday, June 20.

The manager made some important decisions in the past few days, most notably the dismissal of the Argentine coach, Marcelo Gallardo, from leading the team, and the agreement with the Italian Stefano Pioli, but there were some administrative differences that stopped the process of contracting with Pioli.

The supervisor tried to supervise and directly monitor the contracts of the technical staff and players, and the decision to resign came due to the limited powers of the supervisor, although he received promises before running for the elections that he would be the first person responsible for every small and big thing within the federal house.

It was said that the player recruitment committee asked Nazir to listen to the star of the Union, the French Karim Benzema, who refused Pioli’s presence and demanded to sign his compatriot Christophe Galtier, the current coach of Al-Duhail of Qatar.

It is noteworthy that Al-Ittihad Club appeared in a weak image during the past season, and lost all the championships, and the team’s ranking dropped to fifth place in the Saudi League Championship.Dora Roshan“, which the club won the title in the 2022-23 season.

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