Nagelsmann reduces the pressure on his players before facing Hungary

Julian Nagelsmann, coach of the German national team, issued a strong warning to his players before facing the national team Hungary Expected tomorrow, Wednesday, stressing the need to be careful of the competitor’s strengths.

A team is competing Germany A decisive battle in its second home match in the European Nations Cup 2024, where it faces a Hungarian team determined to snatch victory with all its might to maintain its chances of qualifying to the round of 16.

This match is considered a crossroads for Hungary, as losing it means a possible early farewell to the tournament, which will give the match an atmosphere charged with suspense and excitement.

Nagelsmann said in a press conference on Tuesday: “We should not be under the illusion of our ability to resolve every match easily. Rather, we must go into every confrontation in the spirit while being alert and cautious. We are aware of the risks and strengths of each competitor, while exploiting their weaknesses and the characteristics of our game intelligently to achieve the desired victory.” .

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He added: “I think that the fascination with our performance in the first 20 minutes had a negative impact on the concentration of the Scottish players, especially with the sending off of one of their players at the end of the first half, which made it more difficult for them to come back in the result. However, I do not think that the Scottish team is considered a lesser competitor than “His Hungarian counterpart, but I see both of them have strengths that make them difficult opponents.”

Kroos charmed Nagelsmann with his exceptional performance

Words of praise poured in from the German national team’s coach, Nagelsmann, for his star midfielder, Toni Kroos, after his brilliance in the match against Scotland. The 36-year-old coach praised the importance of Kroos as a key player in the team, stressing that he gave an exceptional performance during the match.

Nagelsmann praised Kroos’s brilliance, noting that he is still one of the three best players in the world in terms of his ability to find spaces between the lines, create opportunities and score goals, expressing his confidence in his ability to repeat that in the next match against Hungary.

The 17th edition of the continental championship (Euro 2024) began on June 14 in Germany, with the latter achieving a major victory (5-1) against Germany. Scotland In the opening match. The biggest European teams are expected to compete to win the prestigious title.

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