Nadal sets his retirement date and welcomes Mbappe to Real Madrid

Renew a star tennisSpaniard Rafael Nadal confirmed that 2024 may be the last year in his career, after he was absent from the field for a period of 8 months and underwent two surgeries to recover from an injury to his hip.

The 37-year-old “El Matador” told the channel:Movistar“I said that 2024 might be my last year, I repeat that, but I can’t confirm that 100 percent because I don’t know.”

Nadal, who has won 22 Grand Slam titles, announced on May 18 that he would not participate in the French tournament Roland Garros, which he holds the title 14 times, due to the injury he suffered in his hip at the Australian Open in January at the beginning of the year. Present.

The Spaniard confirmed that he “would like to play again and be able to compete again.” He continued, “My ambition is to return to winning the Roland Garros championship or winning (in) Australia. People should not be surprised. All of this is far-fetched, and I am aware of the difficulties I face.”

He added: “I am well aware of the difficulties I face. One of them is insurmountable, which is aging, and the other is physical problems. What makes me optimistic is playing again and being able to compete.”

Regarding his conflict with Serbian Novak Djokovic, who holds the record for the number of titles in major tournaments (24), he said: “Did I hope to be the tennis player crowned with the largest number of major tournaments? Yes, without a doubt, but this does not frustrate me.” He stressed that he would not make this an “obsession.”

He added: “I think Novak experiences this in a more powerful way than I do,” believing that the “frustration” of not achieving it would have been greater for the Serbian.

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal (Getty)

When mentioning his compatriot, the rising talent Carlos Alcaraz, who many have presented as his heir, Nadal said that he has “the potential for everything” but “if I had to tell him one thing, it would be to continue improving.”

Within the framework of football, Nadal was the club’s number one fan real madrid He would be happy to see the French striker Kylian Mbappe He wears the Royal Team shirt, and he is not “dissatisfied” with it, after he announced several times that he was coming to the capital, Madrid, without that happening, as he is still a player with the French club Paris Saint-Germain.

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