Nabil Naghiz drops a serious charge against Petkovic

The assistant coach responded Algeria national teamNabil Nighez, on the harsh attack he was subjected to after the “Warriors” lost to Guinea with a score of (2-1) in the fourth round of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, with a strong message in which he confirmed his arming with the Algerians’ mentality based on providing the best and responding in the ideal way when they feel pressured by external criticism. About the text.

Some parties attacked the experienced coach with considerable experience in the Algerian national team and many Algerian, Moroccan and Tunisian clubs, following the defeat of the “Greens” by Guineaand held him responsible for the loss by implicating him in what he called “misleading” the technical director, Vladimir Petkovic, regarding the starting lineup options, given that the Swiss coach does not know the Algerian national team players well.

These harsh criticisms turned into accusations that were widely circulated on social media platforms for days, by some Algerian fans, before the response came from the former coach of the Algerian club ES Setif, after the match between Uganda and Algeria, which Hossam Aouar’s teammates won by two goals to one, for the account. Matches of the fourth round of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

Nabil Nighiz: Petkovic is the one who chooses the starting lineup

On Monday, June 10, Nguez (56 years old) said in statements to Algerian television in response to a question related to the criticism directed at him and the Algerian national team after the defeat against the Silli National team: “The thing that is said here and there we do not take into account. We are the ones who know what is going on.” “Inside the group and inside the Algerian national team’s changing room.”

He added: “We have a technical director who manages everything. He is the one who chooses the best players and determines the final list, tactics and game plan,” before explaining: “We, as an assistant technical staff, are by his side in order to help and support him, and in the end the final decision is up to him.” .

The former Mouloudia Algiers coach ruled out the hypothesis that he and the players were affected by harsh criticism after the confrontation with Guinea, and stated: “For us, we are looking forward and not looking back, and we will remain that way. The result of the Uganda match proves that we were not greatly affected by the loss to Guinea,” and he added: “It is true that we were hurt because of it.” It hurt us a lot, but on the field, the Algerian’s reaction was very strong. When he is under pressure, he has a strong, very strong reaction.”

Nabil Nghiz highlights the importance of winning over Uganda and warns of surprises

Coach Nabil Nguez highlighted the importance of the victory over Uganda in qualifying for the 2026 World Cup, and stated in this regard: “I think that the remnants of the loss to Guinea were evident on the players in the first half. It was a half to forget,” and he continued: “Between the two halves, the technical staff provided instructions.” Especially for the players, we scored an early goal and then added the second goal, and we were even able to add the third goal.”

He added: “But the most important thing was to win the three points, and even in the last moments of the match we saw the strong spirit of the group that allowed us to maintain our lead in the score and come back with the three points,” before confirming: “Praise be to God, the Algerian team showed the face that everyone loves in the second half.” “.

From the match between Algeria and Uganda

The former Moroccan Ittihad Tangier coach refused to be overly optimistic, and warned against surprises, saying: “We must forget about this match, because the road to qualifying for the World Cup is still difficult and long, and there will be some surprises.” He explained: “We will have plenty of time, about 9 months, to prepare.” Our next matches are in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers,” and he stressed: “In the coming period, we must raise the level of play and rhythm and provide the appropriate technical quality, as was the case in the second half of the Uganda match.”

Nabil Nguez is armed with great experience with the Algerian senior national team

Coach Nabil Nguez is armed with extensive experience with the Algerian national team, with whom he worked intermittently as an assistant coach, where he spent more than three years in this position, alongside the French coach, Christian Gourcuff, from the summer of 2014 to April 2016, before working for Alongside the Serbian coach, Milovan Refac, and the Belgian coach, Georges Lecans, from July 2016 to January 2017.

Nguez was on the bench of the Algerian national team as an assistant coach for 26 full matches, but his most distinguished period was when he led the Algerian national team as head coach during the transitional period that followed the departure of the French coach, Christian Gourcuff, that is, from April to June 2016, during which he supervised the match between Seychelles and Algeria. In the land of Seychelles. The former Saudi club coach, Ahod, succeeded in leading Yassine Benzia’s teammates at the time to win by two unanswered goals for the fifth round of the 2017 African Cup qualifiers, before returning to the Algerian national team during this stage as an assistant coach to Swiss coach Vladimir Petkovic.

On the other hand, the Algerian coach also has extensive experience in coaching clubs, as he led well-known Algerian clubs, such as Wydad Tlemcen, Nasr Hussein Dey, Mouloudia Algiers, and ES Setif, in addition to foreign experiences, in Saudi Arabia’s Uhud, Moroccan Tangier Union, and Tunisian Olympique de Beja.

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