Mystery surrounds Raafat Ali’s fate with Al-Wehdat of Jordan

The management of Al-Wehdat Club in Jordan has not yet determined the identity of the technical staff that will take over the task of leading the football team next season, as it is expected that this matter will be discussed in the coming days.

The team won the title a few days ago. Jordan Cup Led by its technical director, Raafat Ali, who was able to prove himself in accomplishing the mission, but the renewal of his contract is still shrouded in mystery.

Several clubs have, in the past few days, determined the identity of their technical staff, such as Al-Faisaly, Al-Jazeera, Al-Sareeh, and Al-Ramtha, and some of them have begun the preparation phase for the next season, which will start on August 8.

Al-Wehdat and Al-Hussein Irbid teams in particular may need more time to decide on the technical staff, especially since they will represent Jordanian football in the AFC Champions League (2), which requires patience to ensure the selection of the appropriate coach capable of achieving their ambitions.

Will Raafat Ali’s contract with Al-Wehdat of Jordan be renewed?

Raafat Ali has not yet been discussed with the issue of renewing his contract and continuing to lead the team next season. The issue requires careful study before making a decision.

The website learned thatwin win“From a source close to the club who did not want to disclose his identity, the board of directors is still hesitant to make a decision to renew Raafat Ali’s contract, considering that the participation of external units requires contracting with a technical director who has great training experience and expertise.

The source added: “Until now, nothing is clear. Raafat Ali’s contract may be renewed or it may not. All possibilities will remain open, and the probability of his continuing with the team may reach 50%.”

The source explained: “Raafat Ali accomplished the mission and won the Jordan Cup with the team. He has proven himself, and there are those who support renewing his contract, and there are those who oppose it, so we must think carefully before making a decision.” He added: “The club’s board of directors does not want to repeat what happened last season regarding the lack of technical stability, as the team was coached by four coaches.”

Raafat Ali, the Jordanian Al-Wehdat coach

He added: “The only negative thing about Raafat Ali might be (nervousness) during match management, and this is what appeared in the final scene of the Jordan Cup, but if his contract is renewed, we will talk to him about his nervousness and the possibility of working to reduce it.”

Raafat Ali is considered one of the historical stars of Al-Wehdat Club, as he represented it as a player for more than 20 years, and he enjoys great love from the fans of the Green Giant.

Raafat Ali won his first official title in his coaching career after recently winning the Jordan Cup with the team, noting that he had previously supervised the training of Al-Karmel and Manshiyat Bani Hassan.

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