My working conditions cannot be borne by a foreign coach

The coach of the Iraqi youth team, Imad Muhammad, confirmed that the conditions in which he works with “Leoth of Mesopotamia“At the moment, the foreign coach cannot bear it.

Imad Muhammad (41 years old) has been coaching the Iraqi youth national team since 2021, after he was promoted from coaching the U-17 junior national team.

Muhammad said towin win“The most important factor in a coach’s success is the trust of the senior management, whether in the Football Association or in the club’s administrative body. Captain Adnan Darjal is committed to my services in leading the youth team, and my experience with Al-Rafidain Lions is more than successful thanks to this trust that was granted to me.”

He added: “My goal is to create an advanced generation and create a player who will serve Iraqi football. Most of the Iraqi Olympic team players are my discoveries. This is our main goal. Yes, we are looking for achievement, but the mission of the age groups is to provide a player base for the national teams.”

Imad Muhammad and his special view of developing Iraqi football

He continued Iraqi youth coach In the context of his discussion of working conditions, he said: “We work in difficult conditions, without a field or a special fitness hall. Here I wonder whether a foreign coach can work in the conditions in which we work. The answer is definitely no. I believe that the coach is an ideology and not a specific nationality, and the Iraqi Federation must demand a union.” The Spanish League (La Liga) is organizing workshops for coaches of the age groups, so that they can be properly cared for and established for the older teams.”

He continued: “Ali Jassim is a player who was promoted correctly, starting with the youth team and then the Olympic team. We need to repeat Ali Jassim’s experience and give all players the opportunity to show their talents. These talents require intense monitoring by coaches, as well as working day and night in order to improve.” levels.

Imad Muhammad (Facebook/ifa) One Win winwin

Regarding the issues facing the coach, Muhammad stressed, saying: “The criticism at the present time did not only include Imad Muhammad, but rather included every Iraqi person working for reform in the country. Praise be to God, I have greatly succeeded in reforming part of the Iraqi football system, and whoever is fighting me now is trying to “Smearing my name is what diminishes his usefulness in the national team.”

He added: “Whoever filed a complaint against me with the International Federation (FIFA) is an Iraqi person, and is supported by major figures in sports who are trying to attack me because of my faith. All the punishments and fights I have been subjected to are aimed at removing me from the national team because of my faith, and I do not need a foreign technical advisor.” “.

The Iraqi youth team, which was transferred to the Olympic team, succeeded in winning the runner-up position in the U-20 Asian Cup in Uzbekistan 2023, and also qualified for the U-20 World Youth Cup in Argentina in the same year.

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