My son does not like injustice and is happy with his stance on a just cause

The Dutch player of Moroccan origin, Anwar El Ghazi, succeeded in organizing a charity match last weekend in the British capital, London, in solidarity with the children of Gaza.

Al-Ghazi, 29 years old, organized the match in order to allocate its proceeds to benefit children and families affected by the war in the Gaza Strip, in a message that solidarity with Palestine is a must during the current period.

The confrontation witnessed the participation of a number of international football stars, along with Anwar Al-Ghazi, who has become famous for his advocacy of the cause in the recent period, as the meeting witnessed the participation of the Egyptian captain of the Ipswich Town team. Sam Morsiwho promoted with his team to the English Premier League, at the end of last season.

Snapshots from the charity match

This friendly match also witnessed the participation of the former French international duo, Eric Abidal and Bacary Sagna, and the former Algerian international player Adlan Guedioura, in addition to the Iraqi player Ali Al-Hammadi, and the Japanese star Taiyo Kimura, who did not participate in the confrontation, but were present in the stands.

Anwar Al-Ghazi’s father confirms his pride in his son

The confrontation attracted a large number of fans to closely follow their favorite players and support the cause through the match’s revenues. In this regard, Mohamed Al-Ghazi, Anwar Al-Ghazi’s father, said in a special statement to the website, “win win“My son does not like injustice from a young age. He is a person who loves life.”

His father highlighted:Anwar A young man who is an athlete par excellence, and he never participates in political matters, neither remotely nor remotely, but his position with Palestine is clear, like all Muslims and other people who reject injustice.”

He concluded: “I can say that my son is proud of his position, despite his expulsion from his previous team because of his sympathy for this issue. Every day you feel that he is very proud of his position and is steadfast in it, and he will come back strong next season to be a prominent star on the stadiums, as his fans have known him to be.”

Archive |  Anwar Al-Ghazi, former player for the German club Mainz (X/NujumSports) Winwin winwin

Anwar Al-Ghazi previously defended the colors of Ajax Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Lille in France, Aston Villa and Everton in England, and played for the Netherlands national team. He was close in a previous period to changing his sporting nationality and playing with the Moroccan national team.

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