My money was “halal” with Besiktas

The Algerian international, Rachid Ghezzal (32 years old), responded to some of his critics who limited themselves to talking about the “dark side” of his experience with… Besiktas The Turkish player is linked to the problem of his recurring injuries and his failure to play many matches in the past two seasons, at a time when his name was immortalized in golden letters in the club’s historical records when he led it in 2021 to win the local double.

Besiktas club decided not to renew Ghazal’s contract, which expires at the end of this month, with a prior agreement between the two parties, according to which a special clause in the Algerian player’s contract was cancelled, allowing his contract to be extended for an additional year at the end of the 2023-24 season, due to the administration’s desire to get rid of the financial burdens of the Algerian star, who He is considered one of the highest paid earners in the Turkish club.

Turkish media said that Rachid Ghezzal cost Besiktas club management approximately 12 million euros over four years (11.8 million euros specifically), which some analysts considered exaggerated, given that the former French Monaco star stayed away for a long period during the last two seasons. Sidelined due to an injury nightmare.

Since joining Besiktas in October 2020 on loan from the English club Leicester City, before his contract was permanently purchased in the summer of 2021, Ghazal played a total of 123 matches in various competitions, during which he scored 17 goals and made 33 goals, at the time he was crowned champion. There is a title in it Turkish League In 2021 and the Turkish Cup in 2021 and 2024.

Ghazal: I deserve the money I got at Besiktas

Today, Saturday, June 8, Ghazal said in statements to the newspaper:FreedomsAl-Turkiya was widely reported in other Turkish media, commenting on the administration’s decision not to renew his contract: “I respect the administration’s decision regarding me and wish the club success. Besiktas will always have a place in my heart,” he said, stressing that he will never forget his time playing for the black and white club.

Rachid Ghazal talks about his time wearing the Besiktas shirt

He continued: “When I arrived in Turkey, coach Sergen Yalcin was leading Besiktas. I worked with a coach who understood the moral drive and spirit of football,” adding: “At that time, Yalcin faced 13 players in an environment where everyone was running away, and he said: For me, “It is not those who leave that are important, but those who stay that are most important.”

Rachid Ghazal added: “I still remember the old saying he always spoke (If we fight until the end, we will win). It is always in my memory. I cannot forget the friendship that existed between us at that time and the championship that we won in the 2020-21 season.” .

He added: “I like making assists more than scoring goals,” before the Algerian star sent a direct message to the parties that criticized him for a period of receiving a large salary, and advised the management not to renew his contract for this matter, and he stated: “In short, I believe that I deserve the money that I deserve.” “I was getting it and each party should get their rights.”

Rachid Ghazal determines the fate of his next destination

Rachid Ghazal spoke about his next destination, stressing that he has not decided on his future yet, especially in light of the many offers that he has received in the recent period, indicating that he will determine that in consultation with his family members, and he said in this regard: “I have received offers from France, Spain, and Germany. I will decide with my family.” “.

He continued: “The offers that I received from some Turkish clubs are not bad either,” before turning to the end of his inspiring story with Besiktas by saying: “The president of Besiktas and his management have just arrived and they have their own plans. I respect the management’s decision regarding me and I wish them success,” and concluded: “It will be Besiktas will always have a place in my heart.”

Bachir Belloumi, the Portuguese Farnese star

It is worth noting that Ghazal enjoys great popularity among Besiktas supporters, who consider him the first architect of the historic 2020/21 season double, and he was the one who arrived to the team during the last hours of the summer Mercato of 2020, which was delayed until October due to the remnants of the pandemic. Corona at that time.

Besiktas officials needed a motorcycle to avoid the stifling crowding in the capital, Istanbul, to deliver his contract and related documents to the Turkish League minutes before the transfer market closed, which was mocked by the fans of the rivals Galatasaray and Fenerbahce at that moment, before Rachid Ghezzal responded in the appropriate manner on the field. His story became a source of inspiration in Turkey.

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