Musa Al-Taamari participates in Montpellier training and is absent from Jordan

Jordan national team star Musa Al-Taamari joined the team’s training Montpellierwhich began its preparations for the new season today, Tuesday, as it will play a number of friendly matches during the preparation period.

Al-Taamari had spent a vacation in Jordan, but he has not yet received any offer that meets his ambitions and his club Montpellier. It was learned that win winFrom a special source, Montpellier club does not object to selling Al-Taamari’s contract for 10 million euros, if the player agrees.

Al-Taamari returns to his team’s training

The source added that Jordanian star He is looking for a step forward in his professional career, as he wants to play in the five major leagues in the world, or stay with Montpellier if he does not receive an offer that matches his aspirations.

Al-Taamari’s market value has recently risen to 8 million euros, and if he continues to shine, his value is likely to increase in the coming period. It has not yet been decided whether the player will leave or stay with the French club Montpellier, as the matter will remain linked to the offers he receives in the coming days.

Musa Al-Taamari, star of the Jordanian national football team

Al-Taamari is one of the most prominent stars of the Jordanian national team, as he contributed, thanks to his brilliance with the Al-Nashama team, to leading it to the runner-up position in the Asian Cup for the first time, and participated in the journey to qualify for the decisive round of the qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup.

The draw for the decisive round placed the Al-Nashama team in Group Two, which also included South Korea, Iraq, Kuwait, the Sultanate of Oman and Palestine.

Musa Al-Taamari is absent from the Al-Nashama gathering

On the other hand, Musa Al-Taamari is expected to be absent from the upcoming Al-Nashama team camp due to it coinciding with Montpellier team training, which is the case for all professional players abroad, as the camp is held outside FIFA days.

The team is working Jordan Led by its new technical director, Moroccan Jamal Sellami, the club will hold a training camp for local players in Türkiye a week from now.

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