Most notably his brother.. 3 problems that may end Belaili’s relationship with Mouloudia Algiers

A special source revealed to “win win“The end of the relationship between the Algerian national team star, Youssef Belaili, and the Mouloudia Club of Algiers is only a matter of time, and is the result of accumulations that continued throughout the past season, despite the technical success achieved by the former player of the French club Ajaccio with Mouloudia Club of Algiers.

Blaili (32 years old) led Mouloudia Club of Algiers to win the title. Algerian Professional League For the 2023-24 season, after an absence of about 14 years from the podiums, he also led him to the Algerian Cup final, which he lost on July 5 to the Chabab Belouizdad club by one goal to none.

In addition to his technical brilliance, Belaili created an event and controversy at the same time due to his behavior and frequent deviations from the script in the Algerian Professional League and Algerian Cup matches, in addition to his many protests against the referees, and his appearance as the “arrogant” sole star, according to the description of many fans, as evidenced by his controversial outings on social media platforms.

A source confirmed thatwin winThree main problems stand behind the player’s desire to leave the club. Mouloudia of Algiers This summer, despite having one year left on his contract with the historic club, especially since he has become a source of problems within the team, the Algerian Cup final being the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Blaili caused a big problem before the final because of his brother

The source who spoke to ” stressed,win winHowever, Youssef caused a major crisis within the ranks of the Mouloudia Club of Algiers before the Cup final, when he strongly protested to the French coach, Patrice Beaumelle, because his brother, Fares, was not included in the list of players concerned with playing the final match against Chabab Belouizdad.

He added that the former Esperance star tried in every way to make his opinion prevail, but he faced a categorical rejection from coach Beaumelle. This “selfish” behavior, in the opinion of observers, also provoked the anger of his teammates who intervened to solve the problem and supported their coach’s decision, which Youssef Belaili did not accept.

Blaili did not perform at the expected level in the Algerian Cup final, as he seemed very affected by what happened before the final, as he was looking forward to winning this historic title with his brother. As usual, the player got into arguments with the opposing players and the referee, and even his teammates did not succeed in calming him down, which is evidence, according to our source, of the player’s big problem within his team.

Patrice Beaumelle’s stay is another reason for early departure

The same source continued to confirm that one of the most important factors that will push the player to leave Mouloudia Algiers early is the continuation of the French coach, Patrice Amir Beaumelle, who extended his contract with the Algerian club until the summer of 2025, and Belaili cannot continue working with Beaumelle, after everything that happened to him before the Algerian Cup final.

Youssef Belaili celebrates his first goal against US Souf in the Algerian league (Facebook/Echabakasports) One One winwin

Despite the strong support that the player received from Beaumelle and his statements about him, when he was being criticized, the reality was the opposite, as the Algerian national team star caused many problems for the French coach, due to the comments of other players in Mouloudia Algiers, regarding the “narcissism” of the former French club Stade Brest player, which put Beaumelle in a very embarrassing situation.

Mouloudia players are upset with Youssef Belaili’s behaviour

The same source confirmed that Youssef caused divisions among the players of Mouloudia of Algiers, due to his actions and his appearance as an extraordinary star who can do everything without being held accountable, noting that this impression had been prevalent since the beginning of the season, but it seemed marginal in light of Mouloudia’s brilliance in the league and its winning of the title.

The loss in the Algerian Cup final brought these differences back to the forefront, given that many players did not like the player’s behaviour, and even intervened with coach Beaumelle to try to put a final stop to the former Al-Ahly Saudi star’s deviation from the script, most notably the team captain, Ayoub Abdellaoui, which indicates the impossibility of continuing this relationship next season, especially in light of the participation in the African Champions League competition.

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