Montaser Al-Wahshi gives reasons for Tunisia’s disappointing draw against Namibia

The coach of the Tunisian national team, Montaser Al-Wahshi, expressed his regret about the poor performance shown by the Tunisian national team players in the match that brought them together against Namibia in the fourth round of the tournament. 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

The meeting ended Tunisia And Namibia tied 0-0, with Tunisia maintaining its lead in the group with 10 points, while Namibia raised its score to 8 points in second place.

Al-Wahshi said in statements to Tunisian television after the match: “We focused on reaction more than anything else. The Namibian national team was more exciting and enthusiastic in playing. Our defense line was strong compared to the attack, which was not at the same level despite the changes we tried to make throughout.” the match”.

Montaser Al-Wahshi is certain that Tunisia will qualify for the World Cup

Montaser Al-Wahishi added: “The match against Namibia was difficult for us. The bad pitch affected the general level of the match very much. Also, the injuries suffered by many players during this camp affected the level of the national team.”

Tunisia's national team forces a draw against Namibia

The interim coach of the Carthage Eagles team continued: “There is a consensus that the June camp is the most difficult, and this does not only concern the Tunisian team, but all the world’s teams, as many players suffer from fatigue after the end of a difficult season, but in general.”

He added: “I am sure that the Tunisian team will qualify for the World Cup. My future with the team does not matter, but what is more important is ensuring our presence in the World Cup battlefield. I think that the upcoming matches will be easier than the previous rounds.”

He concluded his speech by saying: “The team lacked efficiency and offensive energy. For example, it was not possible to bring in Raqi Al-Awani because the player was not in the best of his health conditions, as he had been sick for three days.”

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