Mohamed Ben Dalla raises the Libyan flag at the opening ceremony of the Paris 2024 Olympics

The Libyan Olympic Committee, headed by Dr. Jamal Al-Zarouk, settled the controversy over who will raise the Libyan flag at the opening ceremony. Paris 2024 Olympics Scheduled for July 26, shooting champion Mohammed Bin Dallah was chosen to raise his country’s flag at the opening.

The champion Ben Dala (22 years old) was chosen because he was the first to directly qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, scheduled to take place between July 26 and August 11.

Mohamed Ben Dallah: My ambition in the Paris Olympics is limitless

Libyan shooting champion Mohammed Bin Dala spoke in a special statement to the website: win win، About his ambitions in the Paris Olympics, he said: “There are many world champion players, and the competition with them will be strong and fierce, but God willing, I have full confidence in my abilities, and I must give my best.”

He added: “I know that competing for the medal is difficult, but it is not impossible. My confidence and ambition are limitless. I will strive to achieve an accomplishment that will be recorded in my name and raise the Libyan flag high in the sky of Paris.”

Libyan weightlifter Ahmed Abu Zriba qualifies for Paris 2024 Olympics

Libya will participate in the upcoming Olympic Games, Paris 2024, with six athletes representing five sports: Mohammed Bin Dala in the 10-meter air pistol shooting competition, while Mohammed Bakra will participate in rowing in the men’s singles competition.

While player Ahmed Abu Zariba will participate in the 102 kg weightlifting competitions, player Ahmed Al-Sabai will participate in the athletics competitions in the 100-meter running race.

Player Youssef Ashraf will participate in the 100-meter freestyle swimming competition, while rising swimmer Malak Mokhtar will participate in the 100-meter backstroke swimming competition.

Libyan Olympics.. Participation without harvest

The Libyans have historically participated in 11 tournaments since their first appearance in the Olympics, while they were absent three times, specifically in the Munich Olympics in 1972, Montreal in 1976, and Los Angeles in 1984, by political decision.

During the previous participations, attendance was very shy with 81 male and female players, and the Moscow 1980 Olympics remains the only exception, as 29 players participated, including the first two Libyan women to participate on behalf of Libya in the history of the Olympics, the two swimmer sisters Nadia and Suad Al-Fazzani.

Libyan participation has always been limited to individual sports, such as athletics, cycling, swimming, weightlifting, table tennis, and combat sports such as judo and taekwondo, while Libya’s only participation in its history in team sports was through the men’s volleyball team, which participated in Moscow in 1980 without achieving positive results.

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