Messi’s reactions after the Argentina-Ecuador match

Hey Koura – The legend Lionel Messi commented on the victory of his country, Argentina, against the guest team, Ecuador, in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

Messi’s statements came after the end of the match, where he most notably said the following:

“We know how difficult the matches are in these qualifiers.”

“Ecuador is a team that has very good players and they know what they are doing on the field, in addition to being very strong physically.”

“I was a little tired at the end because the match was physically difficult, and that’s why I was substituted, because I didn’t feel well.”

“In every match we must give 100% of our level, and our goal is to compete in this way.”

“We really enjoyed ourselves and what we did at the 2022 World Cup, but what we did there is already over.”

“A lot of things have changed since we became world champions, and we must move forward and play match after match with high concentration until we qualify for the next World Cup.”

“All competitors want to beat Argentina, and after we won the World Cup, everyone’s desire to beat us has become greater.”

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