Mercato in Jordan.. New coaches and players demanding a deadline!

The transfer market in Jordan has begun to witness a noticeable gradual activity, as teams have begun to form their squads and name their technical staff in preparation for the new season, which is expected to start on August 8.

In this report, winwin presents the most important developments in the summer transfer market for Jordanian professional clubs, as follows:

Mercato in Jordan.. Al-Ahly announces the identity of its coach

Al-Ahli Club of Jordan announced the official signing of its former player, Biebert Keghdo, to take over the task of technical director of the football team. This is a new experience for Biebert in Jordanian stadiums, as he has never supervised the training of any Jordanian team before. Professional League.

Al-Ahly narrowly escaped relegation last season under the leadership of its former coach, Emad Rashad. In the coming days, Beibert Keghdo is expected to name his assistant coaching staff and recommend the players he wants to add to the team.

Salt abandons Al-Zariqi

Despite the clear development witnessed by the performance and results of the Al-Salt team during the past season, where it contracted with coach Ammar Zariqi to succeed the Syrian Imad Khankan, the Al-Salt Club Board of Directors did not renew his contract.

The Jordan Mercato witnessed, on Monday evening, the announcement of Al-Salt Club officially contracting with the well-known coach, Dayan Saleh, to supervise the team’s training.

Iraqi leads Ma’an team

The Board of Directors of Ma’an Club has settled the technical staff file, as it has contracted with the Iraqi coach Amin Philip. The contract with Philip came after Ma’an succeeded in staying in the Professional League under the leadership of its coach Amer Aql.

This is the second experience for the Iraqi Philip in the Jordanian Professional League, as he led Al-Ramtha team two seasons ago and won the league title with it after an absence that lasted for about 40 years.

Among the clubs that settled the technical staff file was Al-Faisaly Club, which reached an agreement with Ahmed Hael to renew his contract.
Al-Ramtha Club also followed the same approach, officially announcing the renewal of coach Wassim Al-Bazour’s contract.

Al-Wehdat club management is still studying the training options, although the indicators point towards the possibility of renewing coach Raafat Ali’s contract after he succeeded in leading the team to win the Jordan Cup title, while Al-Sarih club revealed that Maher Al-Ajlouni will lead the team in the new season.

Al-Jazira Club contracted with Othman Al-Hasanat to lead the team that was recently promoted to the Professional League.

The transfer market in Jordan witnesses the renewal of contracts of some players

Al-Ramtha Club renewed the contract of its international goalkeeper, Malek Shalabiah, for another season on Monday evening. Shalabiah’s contract renewal came on the recommendation of coach Wassim Al-Bazour, who knows the player’s abilities well, and who contributed to Al-Ramtha winning the league title two seasons ago.

Jordanian clubs

Al-Faisaly Club signed a contract with player Khaled Sayaheen for three seasons, while renewing the contract of its international goalkeeper Nour Bani Attia for two seasons. Al-Faisaly is expected to announce the renewal of the contract of its international star Salem Al-Ajaleen, while negotiations are still ongoing between it and its former player Omar Hani.

For his part, Bashar Hawamdeh, Chairman of Al-Wehdat Club, confirmed that the Contracting Committee seeks during the Mercato in Jordan to renew the contracts of a number of players with a financial ceiling not exceeding $40,000.

Hawamdeh pointed out in television statements that some players whose contracts have expired are thinking of playing abroad, such as Muhannad Abu Taha, Anas Al-Awadat, and Muhammad Abu Zureiq, known as Sharaara.

In the same context, the transfer market in Jordan witnessed a number of distinguished players requesting from their clubs to obtain a grace period to find out whether they could obtain professional contracts abroad or not before responding to the offers submitted by local clubs.

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