Mbappe’s Euro complex continues, and 4 scenes embody his suffering

Mbappe’s troubles continued in the Euro, and he failed again to score during his country’s match, France, against Austria, which was held on Monday, June 17, for the opening of the two teams’ matches in the finals. European Nations Cup 2024It ended with the Roosters winning with a clean goal.

The match was held at the Dusseldorf City Stadium, with the whistle of Spanish referee Jesus Gil Manzano, in front of a large crowd.

The only goal of the match was scored by Austrian defender Maximilian Fauber, by mistake, in the 38th minute. The French team earned the first 3 points in the group and took second place with the same score, behind the Netherlands, which leads on goal difference and won over Poland 2-1.

Mbappe said in a previous statement that the European Cup is more difficult than the World Cup, and perhaps the player fell into the psychological war that he started against himself, as the complex continued and he again failed to score against Austria, spending the fifth consecutive match in the Euro without goals.

4 scenes that embody Mbappe’s suffering

Against Austria, we can note 4 scenes that embodied Kylian Mbappé’s suffering in the Euro Championship, the first of which was the easy wasting of available scoring opportunities, the most prominent of which was a complete and frank isolation in the 55th minute, where the exceptional striker shot the ball completely outside the goal frame.

The other thing is that Mbappé shot 4 times against Austria, none of which went towards the goal.

The third scene is the player being injured and his shirt drenched in blood late in the match. It can be said that Mbappé was a little nervous and wanted to score in every way. This leads us to the fourth scene, during which he received a yellow card in the 90th minute.

Wasting opportunities, lack of offensive effectiveness, injury and excessive nervousness are scenes that truly embody Mbappe’s suffering.

Mbappe’s problem in the euro continues

Mbappe’s problem in the Euro continued as he completed 5 consecutive matches without scoring, as he played 4 occasions in the previous edition, 2020, and then one match against Austria in the current edition, but the good thing is that the player has two assists.

In contrast, Mbappe has scored 12 goals in the World Cup from just two appearances, indicating that Mbappe’s Euro complex is already a reality.

Mbappe’s numbers in the European Cup
match Target Assist Release
France 1-0 Germany 0 0 2020
France 1-1 Hungary 0 0 2020
France 2-2 Portugal 0 1 2020
France 3-3 Switzerland 0 1 2020
France 1-0 Austria 0 0 2024

More precisely, Mbappé shot only 4 times on goal during the 5 matches he played in his Euro career, and he completed only 46% of his dribbles, which are very meager numbers compared to the player’s great abilities, as he shoots little and succeeds in half of his dribbles.

Will Mbappe participate in the Paris Olympics?

Mbappe reaches the goal with French team In the European Cup, but he wastes opportunities in front of goal recklessly or strangely. Statistics have shown that Mbappe’s expected goals percentage in the Euro Championship is 2.78%, and he missed 5 achieved goals.

  • 5 matches
  • 0 goals
  • 2 Assist
  • 5 wasted goals
  • 2.78 expected goals
  • 4 shots on goal
  • 46% successful dribbles

It is clear that Mbappe’s problem in the Euro will continue, with news that he suffered a broken nose, and the possibility of him missing the next match.

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