Mazraoui believes the “vision” and is absent from the Moroccan national team camp

The Moroccan public was surprised by the absence of Nassir Mazraoui, the German Bayern Munich star, from the current Moroccan national team camp at the Mohammed VI Football Center, on the outskirts of the capital, Rabat, in preparation for the match against Zambia on Friday evening at the Adrar Stadium in Agadir, as part of the African qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup.

Walid Regragui announced a list Atlas black A few days before the current Moroccan national team camp, including Nassir Mazraoui, everyone was waiting for his arrival with the rest of the players, only to be surprised by his absence without warning, which raised a wave of questions in the Moroccan sports street.

Regragui refused to compensate for the absence of Nassir Mazraoui and his colleague Amir Richardson, who also did not attend, and attributed this to private personal reasons, the details of which have not yet been revealed. The Moroccan Football Federation also chose silence instead of enlightening world opinion about the reasons for the absence of Mazraoui and Richardson.

Mazraoui believed the “vision” and was absent from the Moroccan national team camp

In a related context, the “winwin” website learned from a private source that the reason for Mazraoui’s absence from the Moroccan national team camp was due to his desire to perform the Hajj.

The source highlighted that Mazraoui He late told the Moroccan national team’s technical staff that he had chosen to perform the Hajj, apologizing for joining the Atlas Lions camp.

A decisive decision by Regragui after surprising Noussair Mazraoui

According to private information from a source close to the Moroccan player, the real reason behind Nassir Mazraoui’s sudden decision is mainly due to a vision he saw in a dream a few days ago, in which he decided to go to Hajj rather than join the Atlas Lions.

Mazraoui will be absent from the Moroccan national team in the fourth World Cup, in the next confrontation against Zambia, followed by the Congo national team in the fourth round of qualifiers.

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