Marcelo Bielsa predicts ‘black’ future for world football

Argentine Marcelo Bielsa, coach of the national team, expected Uruguay A dark future for football, explaining that the most popular game in the world will become less fun and attractive in the coming years.

“El Loco” or “The Madman” – as he is called – made statements before the Uruguay national team’s match against Brazil, in the quarter-finals of the 2024 Copa America, in which he sounded the alarm and confirmed that the game of football is on a downward trend.

Bielsa succeeded, at dawn on Sunday, in leading the Uruguayan national team to overcome Brazil in the quarter-finals of the Copa America on penalties (4-2), after the regular and extra time of the match ended in a goalless draw (0-0).

Marcelo Bielsa expects football to become less fun

Bielsa predicted that football would become less attractive, and made statements reported by Radio “RMC“French, he said: “Football is in decline, I am sure that football is in decline, more and more people watch football, but it has become less attractive, which makes the number one game in the world not special.”

Bielsa predicts less attractive and entertaining football in the future

The Uruguay coach added: “At the moment, there is a large following for football, but the trend towards financial investments to benefit from the popularity of the game has made this sport lose the special characteristics that made us the most popular in the world.”

“For me, it does a lot of damage to football,” Bielsa said of VAR. “This sport has its own particularities, and when the result becomes completely predictable, it loses its appeal.” “Over time, and with fewer footballers worth watching, this artificial increase in the number of people following the game will stop.”

From Uruguay's participation in the Copa America 2024

The Argentine coach continued to defend his vision of football, saying: “Football is not five minutes of work, it is much more than that, it is a cultural expression, and a form of identity.”

It is worth noting that Marcelo Bielsa will lead the Uruguayan national team to face Colombia in the semi-finals. Copa America 2024, and his eyes are on overcoming “Los Cafeteros” and reaching the final, in order to lead “El Celeste” to win the 16th title in the history of the prestigious tournament.

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