Mancini raises the slogan of victory against Jordan and sets his next goals

Italian Roberto Mancini, coach of the Saudi national football team, confirmed his quest to achieve victory against the Jordanian national team in the match that will bring together the two teams in the final round of the tournament. Asian double qualifiersqualifying for the 2026 World Cup and the 2027 Asian Cup.

The team is preparing Saudi To host the Al-Nashama team tomorrow, Tuesday, at the summit of Group Seven at King Saud University Stadium in the capital, Riyadh, where Al-Akhdar is looking for a win that will strengthen its lead in the group, while the Al-Hussein Amouta battalion will have to win by any result to snatch the lead on goal difference.

Today, Monday, in the press conference held before the match, Italian coach Mancini spoke about his goals in the double qualifiers and his plans to continue to shine and qualify for the 2026 World Cup.

Mancini demands his players to win

The Falcons coach called on his players to win despite officially ensuring qualification, saying: “Our preparation for the match is great even after qualification is guaranteed, because we aspire to remain at the top of the group, and the same is true against the national team.” Jordanian Former Asian runner-up.

The Italian set his goals for the qualifiers: “We want to continue our current ranking in the second level. This is an important thing, but the most important thing is to qualify for the 2026 World Cup.”

The coach revealed how satisfied he was with the technical level of the players throughout the past period, as he said: “The problem with training national teams is that you do not have enough time to work with the players, but we worked well in the period leading up to participation in the 2026 Asian Cup, and now we have a good team. We still have room to work more.”

Regarding the importance of his strenuous physical training and its impact on the players, Mancini said: “The fitness aspect is important for the players. If the fitness aspect is lacking, it will have an impact on performance. These tests are used to determine the player’s ability, and they have no effect on the player’s effort level. We want to know the level of effort.” “The players’ fitness load after the end of the season, after a large number of matches.”

Regarding the upcoming participation in the Gulf Cup, he said: “We will go to the next Gulf Cup with a strong team. Our goal is to achieve the title.”

Al-Hussein Amouta, coach of the Jordanian national football team

It is worth noting that the Saudi team occupies the lead in Group Seven with 13 points, followed by the Jordanian team with 10 points, while the Tajikistan team comes third with 5 points, and the Pakistan team is at the bottom of the group without any points.

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