Manchester City shocks Saudi League clubs regarding De Bruyne deal

The Saudi League clubs received a painful blow in their efforts to sign Belgian midfielder Kevin De Bruyne. Manchester Citywhose future with the English Premier League champion Mercato next summer is in doubt.

According to the site “SportskiddaFamously, Manchester City does not mind giving up De Bruyne’s services, but requires 85 million pounds in exchange for selling its Belgian star to a Saudi club next summer.

Manchester City is seeking to exploit the Saudi clubs’ desire to obtain De Bruyne’s services, in addition to the player’s openness to the idea of ​​moving to the Saudi League, where he is expected to earn up to 60 million pounds sterling annually.

Manchester City rejects the idea of ​​selling De Bruyne, 32 years old, for a financial value of less than 85 million pounds sterling, equivalent to 100 million euros, an amount it may reject. Saudi clubs Paid in exchange for a player who has only one year left on his current contract.

For their part, Saudi clubs may consider putting pressure on Manchester City by postponing the conclusion of the deal for only one year, and then tempting the player to come to the Saudi League via a free deal, which puts the English team in real trouble.

Saudi League clubs are pursuing Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne previously said in press statements: “I certainly do not rule out leaving for Saudi Arabia. At my age, you have to be open to all options. You are talking about unreasonable amounts of money being paid there. I can get a lot at the end of my football career, in some cases.” “Sometimes you have to think about these kinds of options.”

Moroccan Abdel Razzaq Hamdallah, striker from Al-Ittihad Al-Ittihad

And longer Belgian star One of the most prominent Manchester City players in history, as he played 382 matches across various competitions, scoring 102 goals and providing 170 assists, including 6 goals and 18 assists this season, noting that he was absent for long periods due to injury.

Kevin De Bruyne has a number of titles with Manchester City, most notably the Champions League title and six English Premier League titles.

It is worth noting that De Bruyne is looking forward to competing in the Euro 2024 tournament with Belgium, amid expectations that this competition will be the last in his international career.

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