Luis de la Fuente identifies Spain’s most prominent weapons before the Italy summit

The Spanish national team coach, Luis de la Fuente (62 years old), asked on the eve of the match against Italy in the second round of… European Nations Cup 2024evaluated Spanish football better, because, according to him: “Foreign football always seems to be better.”

The national coach confirmed For the La Roja team During the press conference: “I demand a better evaluation of our players. Fabian Ruiz is a player who has the good level to be a world star with great football power as he has shown in all the clubs he has played in at a very high level.”

Luis de la Fuente praises Spanish football

Luis de la Fuente said at the conference: “We applaud the fact that he is Spanish and his name is Fabian Ruiz, because he plays for Spain, but I am happy that he has this honor. It always seems that players from abroad are the best. We applaud our ball because it is of the highest international standard.”

De La Fuente also spoke about the return of the best version of Pedri after overcoming the injuries he suffered in the last two seasons. He said: “Pedri improves every practice. He is confident and safe and takes advantage of the talent he has.”

He added: “We expect a lot from him, because I consider him one of the best players in the world, and I am confident that this is a great opportunity for him to show his performance again at this football ceremony, as he impressed everyone.”

Ruiz is confident of Spain’s strength

Ruiz said that the players in the Spanish national team do not consider themselves the luckiest in the European Nations Cup (Euro 2024), but they know that they have “the strength to reach the final.” He added: “I cannot say that we are one of the luckiest teams. We don’t consider ourselves the luckiest, but we are confident and know that we have the strength to reach the final. We will do everything we can to make this happen.”

Lamine Yamal is a talent for Barcelona and the Spanish national team

Fabian, the best player in the match against Croatia, which was won by the Spaniards (3-0), in which he scored one goal and contributed to another, commented on the statements of coach Luis de la Fuente, who said that if he had not had that name, he would have had more international standing.

“I am very proud of my name and being Spanish,” he said with a smile, adding: “I call for trying to evaluate our football more. We are one of the best countries. If you ask about any foreign player, they highly value him. I call for Spanish players to be evaluated more and not Only foreigners.”

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