Liverpool president wants to hold English Premier League matches in Saudi Arabia

Hopes Tom Werner, club president Liverpool To see English Premier League matches held in various places around the world, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The famous American sports commentator, John Miller, had previously suggested that a round of the English Premier League be held in… United States of AmericaBut fans of English clubs strongly criticized that idea.

There is a proposal that there be one match for each club, or at least an entire tour, to be held in America, to attract more followers. Although this proposal was widely rejected, American Tom Werner, who serves as president of Liverpool FC, supports this idea, and even hopes that matches will be held. The English Premier League in Saudi Arabia.

Do the Premier League clubs agree to hold English Premier League matches in Saudi Arabia?

Werner said in statements reported by the newspaper:The New York Times“I am determined that we will play a Premier League match in New York City one day.”

He added: “Even I have a crazy idea, which is that there will come a day when we play one match in Tokyo, and a match a few hours later in Los Angeles, and a match a few hours later in Rio (Brazil), and a match a few hours later in Riyadh, and make it a day with matches in the English Premier League.” Excellent special celebration.

He added: “Let us think of a way to provide cheap ways of travel and accommodation for the local fans, and then in the event of a match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest, we will support the fans’ attendance in New York and make it a happy day for them as well.”

Liverpool owner disagrees with club president!

However, in the same interview, Liverpool owner John Henry confirmed that he did not favor this idea and said: “I do not defend this idea and I am not very interested in it.”

The Spanish League had previously tried to hold tournament matches in the United States, while Barcelona withdrew from a match scheduled for Miami against Girona in 2019 due to a lack of encouragement.

Trial cap for English clubs

It is noteworthy that Saudi Arabia has been periodically hosting Spanish Super Cup matches, and it will continue to be held in the Kingdom until 2029, and the Italian and Turkish Super Cup matches, in addition to the Egyptian Super Cup, were held in stadiums in the Kingdom.

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