Lionel Messi officially misses Paris Olympics

Legend Lionel Messi will officially miss the 2024 Paris Olympics, after the Argentine Football Association announced the list of its team participating in the tournament, which witnessed the absence of the name of the American Inter Miami striker.

And included Argentina List Led by coach Javier Mascherano as coach of (18) players, without the presence of Lionel Messi, who had previously been rumored to want to play in the Paris Olympics with the Tango.

And he suffers The Argentine Legend He has been suffering from severe fatigue recently, which led to a decline in his level in the 2024 Copa America, and his absence from some matches due to injury, which is the reason that explains his official exclusion from the Paris Olympics.

Lionel Messi to miss Paris Olympics

Argentine fans are disappointed after it was confirmed that their legend will not be at the Paris Olympics, as they were hoping to win the title just like what happened in the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

The former Barcelona star led his country to win the World Cup title in its last edition, after an amazing performance that ended with victory over France in the final match on penalties.

Inter Miami captain is participating with Argentina in Copa America 2024Amid aspirations to retain the title that the “Tango” won two years ago after defeating Brazil in the final match 1-0.

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Manchester City striker Julian Alvarez tops the list of the most prominent names present with Argentina in the Paris Olympics, while the rest of the giant clubs seem hesitant to send their players to participate in the tournament, due to the pursuit of early preparation for the new season’s competitions.

The winner of the Qatar 2022 World Cup is one of the most prominent football legends in history, having previously won 8 Golden Balls (a record number) and winning various titles with the clubs he played for, namely Barcelona, ​​Paris Saint-Germain, and Inter Miami.

The (37)-year-old player had a rich international career, during which he participated in 184 matches with the Argentine national team, scoring 108 goals, amidst aspirations to raise this tally in the next stage.

Messi does not seem to be the only star who will miss the 2024 Paris Olympics, after Liverpool rejected the idea of ​​Mohamed Salah attending with the Egyptian national team in the tournament, while Real Madrid opposed sending its players Kylian Mbappe and Brahim Diaz to the competition.

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