Like Zidane and before Mbappe… Benzema is preparing to visit Algeria

The Algerian Al Haddaf channel said on Friday that the Saudi Al-Ittihad star of Algerian origins, Karim Benzema, will visit Algeria next June 1, after years of waiting and postponing a trip to visit the country of his ancestors, amid great anticipation from the Algerians who stood in solidarity with the Real Madrid legend. During the darkest period of his football career, when he was excluded from the French national team.

Some identical sources who spoke to “winwin” stated that the visit program of the Saudi Jeddah club star will be rich, including two visits to the provinces of Bejaia, Algiers, and Oran (with a follow-up of the match between Algeria and Guinea in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers).

The province of Bejaia is the birthplace of the Benzema family, and it is the same province from which the origins of the French football legend, Zinedine Zidane, descend. He visited Algeria earlier, before Benzema now follows him, waiting for the other Frenchman and also of Algerian origins, Kylian Mbappe, He is expected to visit Algeria next July.

Benzema heads to visit Algeria and finally responds to the demands of his family and the Algerians

Benzema’s visit, which has been awaited for years, comes in response to the request of his family and the Algerians, who have not forgotten the touching message of an elderly Algerian that he addressed to the winner of the Ballon d’Or in 2022, in which he invited him to visit the land of his ancestors, Algeria, and the village from which his parents come from in the Bejaia Governorate, east of the Algerian capital, and asked him to draw inspiration from his ideal. In football, the former French national team star, Zinedine Zidane, visited Algeria and carried out charitable work in his parents’ village.

We have parents Former Real Madrid star He is from a small village in the municipality of Ait Jalil in Bejaia Governorate, but Karim Benzema has never visited this village since he became a famous star in the world of football, after he had visited it when he was young, unlike Zidane, who made a historic visit to Algeria in 2006. Before he carried out many charitable works in many Algerian cities, including the village of Ouqmoun, the birthplace of his father.

An emotional message from Algeria that affected Benzema a lot

A video was widely circulated on social media platforms after Benzema was crowned with the Ballon d’Or in 2022, of a member of his family in Algeria (the eldest of whom is called Rachid Benzema), sending an emotional message to the Al-Ittihad star, in which he said: “My dear little son of my cousin Karim, I have never… “If I made an appeal in French, but I will do it today.”

Frenchman Karim Benzema, Saudi Al-Ittihad striker (Getty) One Win Winwin

He continued: “I will be very happy, and I am not the only one who admits this, but rather the residents of the entire village, if you decide to help your parents’ village,” before adding: “The residents of the village need a project to dig a well to supply it with water, and we hope that you will contribute to financing this and helping us,” and he added: ” I hope you will be inspired by Zidane, who provided aid to Algerian hospitals and helped the residents of his village.” He concluded: “This message is from the head of the Benzema family… Rachid.”

Benzema had previously announced his attachment to the origins of his native country, Algeria, and often published pictures of himself wearing an Algeria national team shirt on his various accounts on social media platforms, especially during the period of his exclusion from the French national team.

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