Lewandowski’s injury threatens his participation in Euro 2024

Robert Lewandowski, the Poland national team star, was injured from his country’s friendly match against Turkey, which brought together the two teams in preparation for the tournament. European Nations Cup 2024.

Lewandowski was injured without any contact with one of the opposing team’s players in the 32nd minute, as the Catalan striker felt sudden pain in his foot, causing him to fall to the ground and subsequently leave the match without specifying the type of his injury or the duration of his absence from the field.

Lewandowski’s injury casts a shadow over Poland’s Euro 2024 hopes

A state of anxiety and tension prevailed over the Polish fans who were present in the stadium stands, due to Lewandowski’s injury and the possibility of his absence from the Euro.

A feeling of fear dominates the hearts of Poland’s fans, especially with the start of the tournament approaching, as the Polish star is a mainstay of his country’s national team.

Robert Lewandowski is striving to recover from his injury as quickly as possible, in order to participate in the Euro 2024 tournament. The former Bayern Munich player’s desire to participate in this tournament comes from his full awareness of its importance, as it is likely to be his last opportunity to represent his country in this major European forum.

With the arrival of his thirty-fifth year, the Barcelona player realizes that time is running out for his participation in major international tournaments. After four years, that is, in the 2028 edition of the Euro Championship, he will have reached the threshold of thirty-nine, while he will exceed thirty-seven with the date of the 2026 World Cup being held on my continent. North America and Central America.

Rodri, Spanish national team player

And start Poland national team His campaign in the Euro 2024 tournament is in Group D, which includes giants such as France, the Netherlands and Austria. Facing the Netherlands, nicknamed “The Windmills,” will be the Poles’ first test in the tournament.

What did Lewandowski provide last season?

Lewandowski scored 26 goals last season with Barcelona In all competitions, he also provided 9 assists to his teammates.

Lewandowski numbers 2023-2024 (until June 10)
Competition match Target Assist
La Liga 35 19 8
Champions League 9 3 1
King’s Cup of Spain 3 2
Spanish Super Cup 2 2
Total 49 26 9

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