Lewandowski’s evaluation in the match between Poland and the Faroe Islands

Hey Koura _ The star Robert Lewandowski participated in the match in which his country, Poland, won 2-0 against the guest, the Faroe Islands, in the 2024 European Nations Cup qualifiers.

Lewandowski was the best in the confrontation overall from both sides according to the stats with a high rating of 8.4.

Lewandowski heat map in front of the Faroe Islands

Here are Lewandowski’s most prominent numbers against the Faroe Islands:

Play: 90 minutes.

Objectives: 2.

Shots: 6, including 3 on target.

Successful dribbles: 2 out of 4.

Balls on the crossbar and goalposts: 1.

Missed opportunities to score: 1.

Touching the ball: 52.

Passes: 27, 22 of which are correct.

Passing accuracy: 81%.

Key passes: 1.

Successful crosses: 1 out of 1.

Successful long balls: 1 out of 1.

Successful duels: 6 out of 12.

Mistakes committed by him: 2.

Ball extraction: 1.

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