Leonardo understands Neymar’s bold move to Al-Hilal

The Brazilian star, Neymar JrIn a bold step, as he is still at the peak of his career, he decided during the current summer transfer period to accept a move to… Saudi Roshan League And playing in the club ranks Crescent moon.

And the player left Paris Saint-Germain The former, the French capital, just 3 years before the 2026 World Cup, which will most likely be his last; As a result, many are wondering why the 31-year-old is playing for a team that does not participate in a European league.

However, the former coach of Paris Saint-Germain, Brazilian Leonardo Araujo, understands the bold step taken by Neymar to leave Europe for the “leader” this summer.

Neymar Jr. in training with the Brazilian national team (Getty) One Win Winwin

Leonardo said in remarks reported by “.psgtalk“I’m not Neymar, but I went to Japan when I was 24. It would have been a completely questionable choice, but for me, it was great.”

The former Brazilian star added, “Although he plays in a league that we don’t know deeply yet, he can maintain his level, and he just has to want to.”

It is reported that Al-Hilal has officially announced its contract with Brazilian star Neymar for a period of two seasons until 2025, in a deal estimated at 90 million euros, according to various media sources.

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