Learn about Hansi Flick’s shocking salary with Barcelona

A German press report revealed a big surprise in Hansi Flick’s salary Barcelonaafter the news that spoke earlier that he was receiving a very modest salary, compared to what he previously received with Bayern Munich or the German national team.

German journalist Florian Plettenberg stated on the X platform that the recently published figures about what Flick will earn from coaching Barcelona during the next two seasons are baseless, revealing at the same time the real figures.

A network journalist noted,Sky Sports“Hans Flick’s salary in Barcelona ranges between 9 and 11 million euros per season, in addition to some special incentives and grants, contrary to what the newspaper reported.”SportThe Catalan previously said that the salary was only 3 million euros annually.

Hansi Flick’s salary is less than what Xavi received

Flick will receive a lower salary than Xavi Hernandez received in Barcelona, ​​where he and his technical staff members received 18 million euros annually, pending what Flick’s assistants who will be appointed at a later time will receive.

Hansi Flick’s salary in Barcelona is equal to between 9 and 11 million euros per year

In this context, Plettenberg stated that Flick insists on bringing his compatriot Heiko Westermann to be his first assistant, who is currently the assistant coach of the German U-19 national team, and specializes in pressure training on the opponent and movement on the field.

Many reports have indicated that Flick’s contract with Barcelona includes a clause that allows him to receive one million euros if he wins the Champions League title next season, in addition to 750,000 euros if he wins the Spanish League title.

German Hansi Flick, Barcelona's new coach (Facebook/fcbarcelona) One Win Winwin

Hansi Flick’s salary will continue to cause controversy among the fans, given the disparity in numbers between what was revealed by the German press and its Spanish counterpart, as there is a big difference in the numbers presented, which raises many question marks about this matter.

Flick will have to rescue Barcelona and return it to the podium next season, after it ended the 2023-24 season under Xavi’s leadership without any title, as it lost the title. La Liga For the benefit of rival Real Madrid, he achieved a modest journey in the Champions League after being eliminated in the quarter-finals by Paris Saint-Germain.

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