Laporta is looking for a strategic partnership with Saudi Arabia to save Barcelona

Joan Laporta seeks president F.C.BHe worked hard to save the club from its stifling financial crisis, and in a new step, Laporta opened talks with high-level Saudi authorities to discuss the possibility of concluding a strategic partnership that would contribute to pumping money into the Catalan club’s coffers.

The prestigious Barcelona club faces serious financial challenges that threaten its stability and future, which prompted the club’s president, Joan Laporta, to announce his willingness to let go of some of the team’s stars, as a forced solution to address this crisis.

This difficult step comes in light of the influx of tempting offers from European clubsRoshan Saudi League On Barcelona’s stars, which gives the club the opportunity to achieve large financial returns from the sale of players, in addition to saving huge sums of money from their high salaries.

Laporta is looking forward to obtaining sponsorship contracts from Saudi companies

The network reported,90minThe British newspaper said that Barcelona’s plans to save its institutions from the financial crisis are not limited to transfer deals with Saudi clubs only, but also extend to signing huge sponsorship agreements with Saudi companies.

These agreements will represent a lifeline for the Catalan club, as they will contribute to pumping money into its treasury and help it overcome the financial crisis that threatens its stability and future.

Reports indicate that Barcelona’s management is seriously considering selling some of the defensive line players, with the Saudi League considered an ideal destination for their transfer. Reliable sources have confirmed that negotiations have already taken place between Barcelona and Saudi clubs regarding players such as Araujo, Kounde and Christensen, as the Catalan club set prices for their sale.

Colombian Luis Diaz

Barcelona’s management is striving to end the deal to sell the rights to the “studios” as soon as possible, with the aim of achieving financial balance and settling its situation with the Financial Fair Play Law.

When does the Spanish League 2024-25 start?

Define an association La Liga The start of the 2024-25 season, on Thursday, August 15, is the start date of the season; The season ends on May 25, 2025.


the beginning

the end

La Liga 2024-25

Thursday, August 15, 2024

Sunday, May 25, 2025

The Spanish League intends to schedule some matches during the first rounds of the new season in the evening, taking into account not playing matches in the afternoon, to avoid high temperatures in the summer.

The 2024-25 Spanish League season will witness more than one interruption, in August, September, October, November and March 2025, due to the international suspension of the national teams.

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