Khalifa Ben Sabaini responds to critics of his summoning to the Algerian national team

Algerian international defender, Shuaib Kaddad, responded to critics of his summoning to the Algerian national team during the camp this June, in preparation for the matches between Guinea and Uganda on the 6th and 10th of the same month, within World Cup qualifiers 2026, indicating that he hopes to get the opportunity to play in the next two matches to confirm his right to be with the “Warriors” on the field.

The coach of the Algerian national team, Vladimir Petkovic, decided to call up Kaddad, the star of the Algerian club CS Belouizdad, to replace the star of the German club Borussia Dortmund. Rami Ben SabainiHe was injured and not ready for the two confrontations, which led to some harsh criticism of the strong defender, and some analysts confirmed that other defenders in the Algerian league are much better than him and deserve to be in his place.

Many Algerians sympathized with Kaddad, who for years remained one of the best defenders in the Algerian professional league, and is known for his great seriousness and struggle on the field, with the nickname “Warrior” given to him to describe his playing style. Some analysts confirm that the CR Belouizdad star was marginalized for a period of time. In the Algerian national team, even though he was at the peak of his game before Petkovic finally did justice to him.

Petkovic bet on Shoaib Kaddad’s African experience

Sources instructed:win win“The decision of the Algerian national team coach to choose Kaddad over other defenders from the Algerian league is due to his great African experience, as is the case for USMA defender Zinedine Belaid, as Kaddad participated four times in a row in the African Champions League competition with CS Belouizdad, without talking about His regular participation with the national team Algeria For local players.

Kaddad was a mainstay in the Algerian national team under the leadership of former coach, Madjid Bougherra, and contributed to its reaching the final of the African Championship for Local Players in 2022, where the “Greens” lost the title at the beginning of 2023 to the Senegal national team on penalties (5-4) after the end of the match in The original and extra time scored (0-0).

Kaddad – classified as a strong-bodied defender who excels in bilateral conflicts – participated in 36 CAF Champions League matches during the last four seasons, during which he scored 3 goals and reached the quarter-finals on three occasions.

Kaddad is looking forward to the opportunity to respond on the field

Shuaib Kaddad said, today, Tuesday, in statements he made to the official channel of the Algerian Football Federation on the platform:The YouTubeIn response to a question about how he felt about being called up to the first Algerian national team: “Praise be to God for God’s success, which brought me to the first team. I am very happy with this invitation.” He added: “I thank coach Petkovic and the technical staff for this invitation, and God willing, I will double the work and effort to live up to their level of trust, God willing.”

Regarding a question regarding his integration into the Algerian national team, the CS Belouizdad defender confirmed: “I know approximately 50 percent of the Algerian national team players, whether because they played with me or because I faced them, and even the rest of the players (meaning dual nationalities) helped me integrate into the group,” and stressed: “We are working.” In good conditions and as one family in order to achieve the only goal, which is to qualify for the next World Cup, God willing.”

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Shoaib Kaddad highlighted his field experience with CS Belouizdad, and stated: “It is true that I gained a lot of experience with CS Belouizdad. Now I am playing my sixth season with the club, with whom I won six full titles (including a record 4 titles in a row in the Algerian League) and I will play in the cup final for the 2023 season.” -24,” he added: “I gained African experience by participating regularly with my team in the African Champions League every season, and I hope to develop this little experience with the Algerian national team.”

Kaddad: I hope I get my chance with the Algerian national team

On the other hand, Shoaib Kaddad confirmed that he is ready for all the options of the coach of the Algerian national team during the confrontations with Guinea and Uganda, whether he decides to rely on him or not, and he responded regarding that, saying: “I am ready for all the options of the coach (Petkovic), but the most important thing is to achieve victory in the two matches.” The next two matches are against Guinea and Uganda.”

But he expressed his enthusiasm for the opportunity to play and respond in the appropriate way to his critics on the field, as he said: “I hope, God willing, that I will have the opportunity to participate to prove my abilities on the field,” before sending a message to the Algerian fans, in which he said: “I salute the Algerian people.” The fans are well aware that they breathe and love football, and God willing, we will do everything we can to make them proud of the national team.”

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