Jordanian boxing clings to a third ticket to reach the Paris Olympics

The Jordanian national team player looks forward for boxingHussein Ashish, tomorrow, Sunday, to qualify for the next Summer Olympic Games at the end of his participation in the boxing qualifiers for the 2024 Paris Olympics, which will be held in the Thai capital, Bangkok.

Hussein Ashish has the opportunity to qualify for the Paris Olympics, where he will meet his Armenian competitor, Rafael Hovhannisyan, tomorrow, Sunday, in the qualifying round for the under 80 kg weight.

One last chance to reach the Paris Olympics

Player Hussein Ashish, who is seeking to qualify for the Olympics for the third time in his career today, Saturday, was defeated by Thai player Weeraboon Jongjoho in the semi-finals.

Jordanian boxers continue to shine (winwin) One Win Winwin

Ashish had won 3 consecutive fights over the Belgian Hadjit, the Romanian Paul Aradoui, and the Frenchman Cesar Jugerlin, and now has one last chance to reach the Olympics if he defeats his Armenian rival.

Hussein Ashish hopes to be the third Jordanian boxer to reach the Paris Olympics, after Ziad Ashish and Obada Al-Kasba preceded him.

Hanan Nassar bid farewell to the competition

For her part, Hanan Nassar bid farewell to the under-50 kg competition after losing today, Saturday, to Nigerian player Zainab Adeshina.

It is noteworthy that player Ziad Ashish had succeeded in qualifying for the Paris Olympics after winning his fourth fight in the under-71 kg competition, bringing the number of Jordanian players qualified to the Olympics in various games to 8 players.

Previously, through the first world boxing qualifier, player Obada Al-Kasbah qualified for the under-63 kg competition.

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