Jordan considers building two large stadiums after Al-Nashama’s achievement in Asia

The Jordan Football Association has become more aware than ever of the importance of building two large stadiums after the Asian achievement achieved by the Al-Nashama team by coming in second in the last edition of the Asian Cup held in Qatar.

The Jordan Football Association has always organised high-level matches, but its only constant problem is the limited capacity of local football stadiums. When the Spanish national team was hosted before the 2022 World Cup, fans did not find any more tickets to attend the match, so they had to watch it on TV. The Al-Nashama team has previously faced teams such as Japan and Australia, and the number of fans outside the stadium was larger than inside.

The crowd revenue has become important as one of the sources of income for the Jordanian Federation and club funds, so building new stadiums is an important step to provide new financial revenues for Jordanian football, which is already suffering from a scarcity of resources.

Serious consideration of building two stadiums

WinWin learned from a special source that the Jordanian government is seriously considering the need to develop the infrastructure, specifically for football, by building two large stadiums.

Officials in Jordan have come to realize the importance of football in people’s lives after fans expressed unprecedented joy following the distinguished results that the Al-Nashama team began to achieve.

The source confirmed that there are major difficulties that limit the increase in the capacity of the current stadiums, due to the limited space available behind these stadiums, so there is no other option but to build two large stadiums.

Amman International Stadium, which was built more than 60 years ago, is the largest Jordanian stadium in terms of capacity, with a capacity of about 18,000 spectators. With the increasing population density in Jordan, the stands of Amman Stadium can no longer accommodate the fans, forcing a large number of fans to attend matches from their homes.

Interact with the demands of the brave

The Jordanian national team players – most notably Musa Al-Taamari – had demanded during the 2026 World Cup qualifiers the need to provide stadiums that can accommodate about 50,000 spectators, especially with the passion shown by the Jordanian fans in following their national team’s matches.

Yazid Abu Laila approaches Al-Hussein Irbid

The date for the start of construction of the two stadiums has not yet been determined, but the idea is there, and the next stage is expected to witness the determination of the areas in which the two stadiums will be built.

It is worth noting that the Jordanian national team has become a prominent figure on the Asian continent, as it recently qualified as the champion of its group in the decisive round qualifying for the 2026 World Cup.

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