Jesus Casas chooses the Iraqi national team’s goalkeeper against Vietnam

The Iraqi national team’s coach, the Spanish Jesus Casas, decided to give the new players a chance in his team’s squad to face Vietnam during the decisive round of… Asian qualifiers Duplex.

The two teams will face off at the “Palm Trunk” stadium in Basra at nine o’clock in the evening according to local time in Baghdad and Doha, amid expectations of an attendance of 65,000 spectators.

Opportunity from Casas for new players

Sources told…ـwinwin “The coach of the Iraqi national team, the Spanish Jesus Casas, decided to give the new players in his squad an opportunity to face Vietnam Tomorrow, the coach will give the new goalkeepers the opportunity to make their debut in the Iraqi national team shirt, which is a dream for every Iraqi player.”

She added: “The Spanish coach will choose between Zakho goalkeeper Ali Kazem and Al-Karkh goalkeeper Hussein Hassan to include one of them primarily in tomorrow’s match despite the first goalkeeper Jalal Hassan’s readiness for the confrontation, but the latter has previously represented Iraq on many occasions in Basra, and also the result of the match will not be influential on Iraq.

She continued: “Casas is more inclined to include goalkeeper Hussein Hassan than goalkeeper Ali Kazem, because Hassan is expected to participate in a very important role with the Iraqi Olympic team in the Paris Olympics, as well as according to the agreement between Casas and the Iraqi Olympic team coach, Radhi Shenaishil, to give confidence to the Olympic players before the start of the Olympics.”

She noted: “Goalkeeper Ali Kazem will be on the Spanish coach’s list for all upcoming matches, especially if he continues his great level with the Zakho team, amid great local praise for the goalkeeper’s standards,” indicating that “the Iraqi coach believes that Ali Kazem is the future goalkeeper of the Iraqi national team.”

Iraqi training in Basra in preparation for confrontation with Vietnam

Regarding the rest of the players, the sources noted that “the Iraqi coach will also give the opportunity to the players Marco Faraj, Muhammad Al-Taie, Ahmed McKenzie, and even the players Akam Hashem and Safaa Hadi, who sat on the stands in the previous match, as the coach decided to give them some time in tomorrow’s match.”

It should be noted that The Iraqi national team It won the top spot in Group Six with 15 points, and this total of points granted Iraq qualification to the decisive Asian qualifiers for the World Cup, as well as reserving a place for it in the 2027 Asian Cup in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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