Jamal Salami is thinking about setting up an external camp for the Jordanian national team

Moroccan Djamel Salami is seeking the new coach of the national team JordanTo take advantage of the end of the football season, and to establish a training camp that will enable him to closely identify the players’ abilities in preparation for the next stage.

Salami looks forward to investing all available time to prepare the Jordanian national team for the next stage, as he previously confirmed in his recent statements that time will be the first enemy of the Al-Nashama team in the journey to prepare for the decisive round matches of the Asian qualifiers.

The Jordanian national team is preparing to participate in the decisive round qualifiers World Cup qualifiers 2026, where the draw placed it in Group Two, which also includes Palestine, Kuwait, Iraq, the Sultanate of Oman and South Korea.

The Jordanian Federation had approved the resignation of Moroccan Hussein Amouta and appointed his compatriot Jamal Salami as his successor, as his contract extends until the end of the Asian Cup, which will be held in Saudi Arabia in 2027.

Jamal Salami Battalion camp date

knowledge win win From a special source, Jamal Salami is thinking of holding an external camp for the Jordanian national team, and the choice may fall on Turkey. The aim of this is to get to know the players’ capabilities and settle on the list that will represent the Jordanians in the decisive round of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

The source revealed that the camp may start on June 10 and continue until the 25th, and will include intensive training and the possibility of securing a friendly match.

Salami was keen to attend the Jordan Cup final, which brought together Al-Wahdat and Al-Hussein Irbid last Saturday, with the aim of identifying the players’ capabilities and choosing what would serve his plans.

Salami had confirmed in the press conference held a week ago at the headquarters of the Jordanian Federation that he would maintain the group of players that Amouta relied on in the previous stage, but he would work to strengthen the substitutes’ bench and search for new options.

Jamal Salami

Amouta succeeded in the last stage of leading the Al-Nashama team to being crowned runner-up in the Asian Cup, which was held in Qatar for the first time in the history of Jordanian football, and he also led it to the decisive round of the World Cup qualifiers, and to the 2027 Asian Cup finals.

The goal of the Jordanian Federation contracting with Salami is to lead the Al-Nashama team for the first time in its history to the 2026 World Cup, a dream that has been teasing its fans for many years.

Salami confirmed in previous statements after assuming the new mission that he aspires to be the first Moroccan and Arab to participate in the World Cup finals as a player and coach, as he represented his country’s national team in the 1998 World Cup.

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