Italian League Mercato…a temporary calm for the players and a movement for the coaches

In light of the apparent calm in the player transfer market in the Italian Football League, it seems that there is already a storm regarding the transfer of coaches in the local competition.

Aside from Simone Inzaghi, who led Inter Milan to win the local title last season 2023-24, it has become certain that no coach will retain his position in the top clubs, with the exception of Gian Piero Gasperini and Daniele De Rossi, who are expected to continue at the head of the technical staff of Atalanta and Roma, respectively.

And he gave up Milan, runner-up, on the authority of his coach Stefano Pioli; As the Lombardy club appears to be on the cusp of officially signing Portuguese coach Paulo Fonseca. The same thing is with Juventus, which decided to oust Massimiliano Allegri, in preparation for signing the young technician Thiago Motta.

Although Bologna “Fifth” was not willing to change its coach, the “Rossoblo” squad was forced to make a technical change, due to Motta’s decision not to renew his contract with the club.

Bologna officially signed Vincenzo Italiano, who decided to end his era as Fiorentina’s “eighth” coach, and the latter signed a contract with Raffaele Palladino, who had just departed from coaching Monza.

Thiago Motta is a strong candidate to succeed Massimiliano Allegri as Juventus coach

As for Lazio “Seventh”, press reports unanimously agreed that the team’s coach, Igor Todor, will leave the club immediately, while the capital club is currently considering the identity of the replacement for the Croatian technical director.

Napoli was more decisive when it actually announced its contract with Antonio Conte. The South Club hopes to regain its lost luster under the leadership of the former Inter Milan coach.

The reason for the movement of coach transfers in the Italian League

This movement in the coach transfer market in the Italian Football League is due to the desire of some clubs to improve their technical performance and results, after a difficult season, and this concerns, for example, Milan and Juventus.

In addition, some coaches feel that their era at their clubs has ended, such as Motta, who led Bologna to qualify for the Champions League, and appears to be looking forward to a major step in his coaching career.

In contrast to players and their high prices, clubs do not pay a lot of money to sign new coaches; The matter is limited to the technical director’s salary, and a compensation amount for his former club, while he benefited Juventus For example, Motta’s contract with Bologna expired, so he signed the “Italian-Brazilian” coach for free.

In addition, the Italian League clubs pay attention to identifying the coach early in the summer market, in order to conclude deals that suit the ideas of each technical director, especially since the tactical work in the Italian Championship exceeds most other local competitions in Europe.

Will this movement transfer to the players’ market?

It is expected that the movement of coaches’ transfers will move to the players’ mercato, especially since there are many names already on the table for the big clubs. Football clubs often conclude more deals if they change their coaches. Each club tries to provide the most suitable squad for its new coach.

Despite the absence of huge purchasing powers in Italy, 5 clubs qualified for the… Champions League Next season (Inter, Milan, Juventus, Atalanta, Bologna), two clubs in the Europa League (Roma, Lazio) and a club in the European Conference League (Fiorentina) will mean an increase in the revenues of these clubs, which heralds a very competitive Mercato in terms of players.

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