Is Petkovic planning to abandon Djamel Belmadi’s “spoiled son”?

Algerian international Ramez Zerrougui, star of the Dutch club Feyenoord, is preparing to enter the Algerian national team camp under the leadership of coach Vladimir Petkovic at the beginning of next month, in preparation for facing the two matches. Guinea And Uganda in 2026 World Cup qualifiersAmidst many problems that haunted him in the Dutch League, where he was subjected to harsh criticism related to his mediocre performance and the decline in his shares in the “Ordewizi” compared to what was the case when he was playing with Twente.

Zerrougui (25 years old) played only 25 matches in the Dutch League this season, including 14 as a starting player, during which he did not score any goal or provide any decisive pass. The Algerian midfielder was often content with the role of substitute player amid harsh criticism, including being held accountable for part of the penalty. Responsibility for declining performance Feyenoord This season and his failure to maintain the league title he won last season.

Petkovic may abandon Zerrougui due to his declining level

And it was Ramez Zarrouqi He is often criticized and attacked in the Algerian national team by the media because of his performance with the “Warriors”, but he always enjoyed the support of the former coach, Djamel Belmadi, who included him in the national team. Algeria For the first time in March of 2021, Belmadi always defended Zerrogui despite his inconsistent performance with the Algerian national team, to the point that followers were describing the latter as the “spoiled son” of Djamel Belmadi, but the data may change this time with the presence of Petkovic.

Algeria vs South Africa formation (faf) winwin winwin

The Bosnian coach may dispense with the services of Ramez Zerrougui in the future if his alarming levels continue to decline, and in light of the strong competition in the Algerian national team with the return of the Italian Milan star this time, Ismail Bennacer, and the rise in the shares of the Egyptian Ceramica Club star, Ahmed Qandousi, in addition to the continued brilliance of Nabil. Bentaleb, the French star of Lille, and the readiness of Hicham Boudaoui, the French star of Nice, after recovering from the injury that prevented him from joining the camp last March.

Failure to adapt to the slot method is a problem with Zarrougui

Feyenoord coach Arne Sloat, who is heading to lead the English club Liverpool starting this summer, identified the problem of the Algerian international, Ramez Zerrogui, with Feyenoord this season, by talking about a technical and tactical problem mainly linked to the “Greens” star’s lack of speed, as he recently said: “When we lose the ball We have to play in a certain style. I think this is a little different for Ramez (Zerrougui) than it was with Twente.” He explained: “At Twente they used to play conservatively and with a collective mass, but now he has to defend in large spaces, where he has more room for improvement.”

He added: “It is true that he plays elegant football, sees good solutions, and makes good cross passes, but when exposed to an opposing attack and in cases where the ball is lost, he must increase his speed and improve his performance.” While some analysts stressed that Zarrouki’s main problem is adapting and adapting, pointing out Until the “Greens” star faced a lot of trouble in his first year, because he was playing a little differently at Twente compared to Feyenoord.

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