Is logic absent from the Jordan Cup competition?

Tomorrow, Tuesday, the Jordan Football Cup will resume its competitions by holding two awaited and postponed matches from the quarter-finals, bringing together Al-Ramtha and its guest. UnitsMeanwhile, Al-Salt receives its rival, Sahab.

Al-Wehdat is seeking to save its season, after its early exit from the competition in the league championship in which Al-Hussein Irbid team was recently crowned for the first time in its history, by maintaining the title of the second most important local competition and thus reconciling the fans.

Al-Ramtha is armed with ambition to continue its path in the Jordan Cup after outperforming itself in the league championship and finishing fourth despite the difficult financial circumstances it is going through.

At the beginning of the current season, Al-Wehdat won the Super Cup at the expense of its traditional rival, but this tournament is not of great importance. It does not give its champion the opportunity to participate in foreign tournaments.

The defending Jordan Cup champion clings to the last chance

Al-Wahdat was not convincing in terms of performance and results in the league championship, so it paid a heavy price by being eliminated early from the title competition. The team hopes to capitalize on the opportunity and maintain the Jordan Cup title, as its path seems clear if it awakens its resolve and its coach, Raafat Ali, succeeds in instilling spirit and dealing with the Ramtha match as it should.

Ramtha will not be an easy catch, as its strength lies in its technical director, Wassim Al-Bazour, who has proven that he is one of the best coaches of the season, and is looking forward to confirming that again through the cup tournament, relying on young players seeking to prove themselves.

The anticipated confrontation between Ramtha and Al-Wahdat will be held at Al-Hassan Stadium, where the Al-Wahdat delegation is expected to head today to Irbid to set up a camp prior to the date of the confrontation.

Both teams aspire to win, given that the confrontation awaiting the finalist in the next round seems less difficult against Shabab Al-Urdun, which succeeded during the last moments in clinging to the lifeline in the league championship, which means that the road to reaching the final of the Jordan Cup will be paved unless Shabab Al-Urdun springs a resounding surprise.

Al-Wahdat regained some of its stars who were missing in past confrontations, such as Anas Al-Awadat, Muhammad Abu Zureiq “Sharara”, Bahaa Faisal and Tariq Khattab, while Ramtha’s ranks appear complete.

Salt and Sahab.. Who continues the march?

Although it was threatened with relegation, an impressive leap in terms of performance and results occurred from Al-Salt in the league championship, which made it succeed in avoiding the specter of relegation early and then crowned its efforts by occupying fifth place.

Al-Salt’s morale rose after it accomplished the task in the league, and it hopes to invest it in the cup championship, by achieving victory over its guest, Sahab, and moving on to face Al-Salt. Al-Hussein Irbid “The league champion”.

From a previous confrontation between Al-Wahdat and Ramtha in the Jordanian competitions

The balance is tilted in favor of Al-Salt, especially since Sahab’s morale is not at its best after the team was officially relegated to the ranks of first-class clubs, but that does not mean the task is easy, as Sahab is happy to continue its surprises in the Jordan Cup tournament after eliminating Al-Faisaly on penalties.

Is there a lack of logic?

Logically, and based on the tools available to the six remaining teams to compete for the cup title, and with Al-Faisaly’s early exit; The chances of Al-Wahdat and Al-Hussein Irbid appear to be the strongest to reach the final scene.

Al-Hussein Irbid team is considered the strongest candidate to compete for the title, as it recently won the League Cup, enjoys high morale, has two equally prepared teams, and has an ambition that tickles its imagination, represented by efforts to seize glory from both sides. As he has never been crowned in the cup competition in his history, and if he did, he would be crowned with the two most important titles this season for the first time in its history, which are the league and the cup.

On the other hand, Al-Wahdat is looking to save its season, reconcile its fans, and adhere to representing Jordan abroad, and before that, maintaining the Jordan Cup title for the second time in a row.

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