Is it true that Trezeguet trained with the Olympic team?

Turkish press reports claimed that Egyptian professional Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet, Trabzonspor winger, has started training with the Egyptian Olympic team in preparation for participating in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Trabzonspor had announced its rejection of its player’s request to participate with the national team. Egypt Olympic At the Paris 2024 Olympics this summer, the team is involved in the European League qualifiers.

According to the Turkish newspaper “Sabah”, despite the refusal Trabzonspor However, the Egyptian international began participating in the training of the Egyptian Olympic team in preparation for participating in the Olympics, in addition to attempts by Ashraf Sobhi, the Egyptian Minister of Sports, with his Turkish counterpart to convince the player’s club to allow him to participate in Paris.

Trezeguet denies participating in training with the Egyptian national team

According to a source close to Egyptian Pavilion There is no truth to what was reported about his participation in the Olympic team’s training and his refusal to return to Trabzonspor, as his vacation ended yesterday, Monday, and he left Cairo, returning to Turkey to join his team’s training in preparation for the new season.

The Turkish newspapers based their news about Trezeguet’s refusal to return on a video clip published by the Egyptian national team’s account on the “X” website, showing the player with Al-Ahly goalkeeper Mostafa Shobier, during the camp last June.

A source at the Turkish Trabzonspor club denied, in turn, receiving any calls from the Turkish Minister of Sports to convince them to release their player to participate in the Olympics based on a request from the Egyptian Minister.

Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet will miss the 2024 Paris Olympics

Brazilian Rogerio Micale, the technical director of the Egyptian Olympic team, is facing great confusion in light of the lack of confirmation about the identity of the three players over the permitted age who will support his list, with the exception of Ahmed Sayed Zizo, the Zamalek player.

Micale is scheduled to announce his final Olympics list tomorrow, Wednesday, which will include 18 players, including three players over the permitted age.

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