Is Cristiano Ronaldo exposed to a “conspiracy” within the Portugal national team?

Former England international Stuart Pearce caused a big surprise when he revealed that the Portuguese national team players do not trust their captain, Cristiano Ronaldo, during his current participation in the 2024 European Nations Cup, which Germany is hosting until next July 14.

And share “DonYesterday, Tuesday, he started the Portuguese national team’s match against its Czech counterpart, which ended in favor of the “Celeção Europe” with a score of (2-1), but the Saudi Al-Nassr club star did not contribute to this victory, whether that was by scoring goals or providing one of the decisive passes to his teammates. .

Despite overcoming the obstacle of its Czech rival with difficulty, and securing the victory and three points in the first round, the Portuguese team does not occupy the top spot in its sixth group, but rather is in second place, behind the leader, the Turkish team, which is ahead of it on goal difference, following its victory over Georgia with a score of (3-1). ).

Cristiano Ronaldo does not enjoy the trust of the Portugal national team players!

English international Pierce made controversial statements that were reported by the newspaper “Daily mail“British, in which he said that the Portuguese national team players were avoiding Ronaldo’s ball pass in the match against the Czech Republic, and he stated, saying: “This seems strange, but perhaps the other players do not trust Ronaldo and do not pass to him, or something like that.”

He added: “There were moments in the match when (Cristiano Ronaldo) was ready to receive the ball and it was not passed to him. In one of the shots, he started from the right side, but Bernardo Silva did not pass the ball to him. Imagine if this had happened 10 years ago. This is kind of strange.” “.

He added: “Silva refused to pass the ball to him, and sent it into the middle circle of the field, and you know that if the ball had been passed to Ronaldo, he would have reached it and scored.”

From the match between Portugal and the Czech Republic in the European Nations Cup 2024

Unlike Pearce, Alan Shearer, the former England national team star and striker, made different statements, and explained that Portuguese national team He relied heavily on the “Madeira Missile”, saying: “Sometimes some of the Portuguese national team players were in good positions, but they were only looking for Ronaldo, while there were better options for other players to pass to.”

As a reminder, Cristiano Ronaldo, with his participation in the match against the Czech Republic, yesterday, Tuesday, made his sixth appearance in the tournament. European Nations CupThis is a record that is unique to him alone, and the Saudi Al-Nassr club star has another distinguished record in the Euro, which is being the competition’s all-time top scorer with 14 goals.

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