Iraq’s national team kills three birds with stones in Vietnam!

The Iraqi national team succeeded in achieving its sixth consecutive victory in the double Asian qualifiers for… world Cup 2026 and the 2027 Asian Cup, by defeating Vietnam 3-1, on Tuesday evening.

The Iraqi national team’s hat-trick came from Hussein Ali in the 12th minute, Ali Jassim in the 71st minute, and Ayman Hussein in the 90th minute, in the match hosted by Basra International Stadium in the presence of a large crowd.

With this victory, the Iraqi team’s score reached 18 points at the top of the standings in Group 6 of the qualifiers, while Vietnam’s score stopped at 6 points in third place.

By defeating Vietnam, the Iraqi team succeeded in achieving 3 gains from the confrontation, which we will review in the following report.

Rise in FIFA rankings

The Iraqi national team succeeded in achieving its most important goal before the decisive Asian qualifiers draw at the end of this June, as it took advantage of the Saudi national team’s loss to its Jordanian guest (2-1) in a match played at the same time.

With its victory over Vietnam and the loss of Saudi Arabia, the Iraqi team actually entered the second classification in the draw for the decisive Asian qualifiers for the World Cup, where the Iraqi team will rise several places while the Saudi team will fall in the classification.

Before the end of the qualifying matches window, the Iraqi national team ranked 58th globally, while the Saudi national team ranked 53rd.

Making history

For the first time in Iraq’s history, the Mesopotamia Lions team succeeded in skipping the Asian double qualifiers with a full score, as Iraq’s score reached 18 points after winning 6 full matches.

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Iraq’s journey in these qualifiers was distinguished, as it only conceded two goals. On the other hand, the Al-Rafidain Lions succeeded in scoring 17 goals in 6 matches, which is a good scoring tally, as the Iraqi team became the fifth team to score the most in the double qualifiers after Japan, Australia, South Korea, and Qatar. .

The Iraqi national team rewards the fans

With its victory over Vietnam today, the Iraqi national team rewarded its fans who came in force to Basra, reassuring everyone of its levels before entering the decisive qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup.

The Iraqi players won the love of the fans with their outstanding results in the double qualifiers, and this will give the fans a great incentive to encourage them in the decisive qualifiers to be the best supporter for the Iraqi team to dream of qualifying for the World Cup, especially since the Mesopotamian Lions team did not play the decisive round of the qualifiers on its home soil for very many years.

With today’s victory, the Iraqi team strengthened its lead in the standings of Group Six in the qualifiers with 18 points, while Vietnam’s score stopped at point 6 in third place.

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