Iraq’s coach reveals his plan to overcome humidity and Indonesia!

Select Spanish Jesús Casas The Iraqi coach’s position on including new players in his squad against Indonesia, in the fifth round of the double Asian qualifiers, qualifying for the 2026 World Cup and the 2027 Asian Cup, while revealing his plan to overcome the weather and the opposing team.

And so on The Iraqi national team His Indonesian counterpart tomorrow, Thursday, at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium in the capital, Jakarta, in the fifth round of qualifiers, in a confrontation that is expected to witness the presence of more than 80,000 spectators.

Casas said in the press conference for the match, “The Mesopotamian Lions’ preparations were good despite the high humidity levels, but we will try to overcome this by drinking fluids and also arriving early. We have gone through four training units and we hope that this will help us adapt to the atmosphere and weather.”

The Iraqi coach added: “We will try to compensate for this by drinking fluids so that the humidity will not be an obstacle for our players as tomorrow’s confrontation goes against a developed team playing modern football.”

He stated, “Winning in the first leg with a large number of goals and repeating the victory again during the Asian Championship does not mean that we guarantee victory, and that we play comfortably. Rather, we will play cautiously with the competitor armed with the factors of the ground and the crowd, and achieving positive results is evidence that he has a great chance to qualify for the Asian Cup and the stage.” Next World Cup qualifiers.

Casas considered that “the circumstances of the match will be different from the previous one, as the competitor now includes many players with dual nationalities present in Europe, including those who participated in the Paris Olympic qualifiers. Therefore, it will be a difficult match for both parties,” suggesting that “qualification will be the outcome of Iraq and Indonesia.” this group”.

The Iraqi coach talks about the presence of young faces in the national team

Regarding his summoning of a number of new young faces, Casas explained: “The doors of the Iraqi national team are not limited to specific names, as much as attendance is available to those who are better than others and are consistent with our tactical ideas, and we may give the opportunity for some of them to participate in the upcoming confrontations with Indonesia and Vietnam.”

Iraq coach Jesus Casas

The Iraqi coach concluded his speech, saying: “I do not like excuses and weather conditions, as we have to adapt to them no matter what they are, and they may sometimes constitute an obstacle for the two teams. The most important thing is to possess the ball and not be complacent, and we must focus on grabbing points in the match.”

The Iraqi team leads the sixth group standings with a full score from 4 rounds with 12 points, five points behind the runner-up Indonesian team.

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