Iraq’s coach demands changing the training field for the second time!

Spaniard Jesus Casas, Iraq’s coach, called for changing his team’s training ground in Basra, in preparation for facing Vietnam in the final round of the Asian double qualifiers.

He is scheduled to face The Iraqi national team His Vietnamese counterpart next Tuesday at Basra International Stadium, amid expectations of the attendance of about 65,000 spectators from all over the country.

The sources told:win win“: “Iraqi coach Casas demanded that the local football federation change the “Mesopotamia Lions” training ground, as the national team was scheduled to hold its training at Al-Fayhaa Stadium in Basra, but the Spanish coach did not agree to that.”

Why did the Iraqi coach request to change the training field?

She continued: “Casas requested that the team’s training be held at Training Stadium A in the Sports City in Basra, because the coach finds some privacy in it, and also believes that its ground is better than Al-Fayha Stadium, in terms of sustainability and other logistical matters, so that the training field will be changed, as happened against Indonesia.” When the Iraqi delegation decided to change its training ground two days before the start of the confrontation.”

In addition, the director confirmed Sports City in Basra Lutfi Al-Jazairi said in an official statement by the Iraqi Ministry of Youth and Sports, that “the workers in the Ministry of Youth and Sports, after the end of the Fifth West Asian Athletics Championships, began preparing for the Iraqi national team’s football match with the Vietnam national team, according to the approved program for each match.”

He pointed out that “the work team developed the necessary organizational and security plan, in coordination with the Stadium Security Division, the company pledged to organize the match and sell tickets, and the volunteer effort teams.”

He added: “The first security practices were carried out so that the preparation was complete. The stadium is ready in all aspects, in terms of the green rectangle, the annexes, the players’ changing rooms, the stadium floors, the electronic rooms, the medical and ambulance rooms, the studios, the energy rooms and the stands, according to their division and the corridors leading to them.”

The Vietnam team arrives in Iraq

In this context, the Vietnamese national team delegation arrived at Basra Airport to play its match against Iraq, next Tuesday at Basra International Stadium, in the final round of the Asian qualifiers for the World Cup and Asian Finals.

Jesus Casas in Basra training

The Vietnamese team’s journey from Hanoi, passing through Doha and ending in Basra, lasted more than 7 hours, and it is hoped that the team’s first training session in Iraq will take place today, Sunday.

Al-Fayhaa Stadium has been allocated for the Vietnam national team’s training, which will begin this evening, Saturday, after it was rejected by Iraq’s coach, Jesus Casas.

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