Iraqi police seek to break 76-year-old stalemate!

Iraqi police team looks forward to breaking the complex Iraq Cup Which it has not won since its establishment in 1948; This is after reaching the final match of the current season 2023-2024, by defeating Al-Naft with a clean goal yesterday, Sunday.

The commander said the team Alaa Abdul Zahra in media statements after his team’s victory over Al-Naft: “The police always suffer in the last meters of the Cup Championship. We pledged as players to focus greatly in order to win the Iraq Cup title.”

He added: “The coaching staff prepared the players well and kept them from losing focus after winning the title. The league championship is much more important than the cup championship, because the latter needs a small number of matches to win the championship, unlike the long and tiring league championship.”

He added: “We will work to crown our efforts as players, technical staff and management, by winning the Cup Championship, which has been difficult for the club. We hope that things will go well this time, and that there will be no circumstances or matters beyond our control, such as expulsions, injuries and refereeing errors.”

For his part, Egyptian Amr Fathy, assistant coach of the Iraqi police team, said: “Our fans played a role in qualifying for the final of the Iraq Cup, as well as winning the league title. Our players were calmer than the competitor, and we have confidence in them.”

He added: “We played one of our best matches throughout the season, and dominated the entire match. We are used to the pressure of matches, and we are the most physically prepared team. Despite the strength of the opponent in the Iraq Cup final, our preparations will not be different from the rest of the matches.”

He added: “Alaa Abdul Zahra is a true leader on and off the field and in his training. I hope that the rest of the players have the same specifications, commitment and morals as him. The Iraqi police team has distinguished players, and they can win the title to please the loyal fans of the Green Guitar.”

Iraqi police aim to achieve duality

The Iraq Cup final is scheduled to be held at Al-Shaab International Stadium next Wednesday evening, amid expectations of a large crowd of fans from both clubs.

Iraqi police

The Iraqi police team clinched the 2023-24 Iraqi Premier League title, one round before the end of the competition, by defeating Dohuk 1-0 last week.

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