Iraq defender close to Portuguese league

Iraqi Olympic team defender prepares Youssef Al-ImamTo have a new professional experience in Europe, specifically in Portugal, during the current summer transfers.

Al-Imam plays for the Swedish team BK Olympic, which plays in the third division league, and has represented his team since February 2024.

Sources told WinWin: “The defenders Iraqi Olympic team Youssef Al-Imam wants to have a new experience outside Sweden, as he is looking for a league at a higher level than the Swedish league, so his agent worked to market him in a number of European countries to consider the possibility of transferring him to another team this summer.

She added: “Youssef Al-Imam’s contract with his current Swedish team will end next December, and the player does not want to continue in the Swedish third division, but rather move to a higher level, especially since his ratings were good with the Iraqi Olympic team in the recent Asian Championship, which witnessed Iraq’s qualification for the Paris 2024 Olympics.”

She noted that the Imam wants to settle matters early, even before participating in the Paris Olympics, as there are real negotiations that have reached very advanced stages with one of the Portuguese teams.

Iraq defender Youssef Al-Imam dreams of playing in Portugal

The Iraqi defender is keen to play in Portugal due to the presence of his compatriot and teammate in the Iraqi Olympic team, Ali Al-Moussawi, who plays for the Estrela team. The latter encouraged him to move to develop his level and also because of the moderate weather compared to Sweden.

Radhi Shenaishil, coach of the Iraqi Olympic team

She added: “Al-Imam received an official offer from the Austrian team Rheindorf Altach, but the negotiations did not go as desired due to Al-Imam’s desire to undergo the experience in Portugal,” noting that the coming days could very well witness a deal for the player to transfer to his new team, coinciding with the player’s participation in the Paris Olympics with his Iraqi team.

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi defender is 19 years old and is a left-footed defender who plays as a centre-back and left-back. His current market value is 100 thousand euros, given the imminent end of his contract with his Swedish team.

Al-Imam played for the Iraqi Olympic team in seven matches, while he previously represented the age-group teams in Sweden under 19 and under 18 years, as he represented the two teams in 7 matches as well.

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