Investigation into corruption cases in the Algerian Professional League

A special source revealed to “win win“The security investigations conducted by the competent authorities in Algerian Federation Football regarding suspicions of corruption, will reach in the coming few days some Algerian clubs that benefited from the support of government companies and huge budgets, during the past few years, and it is expected that the judicial authorities will listen to former presidents and officials in some Algerian league clubs.

During the recent period, the Algerian state decided to allocate some clubs to government companies, to ensure their management and financial funding to overcome their financial problems. These clubs were given the title of “rich clubs” by the Algerian fans, and the clubs that were not able to obtain this privilege, amid their condemnation of what they described. With preferential treatment.

Clubs such as Mouloudia Algiers and…Capital union JS Kabylie, FC Constantine, JS Saoura, ES Setif and Mouloudia Oran, with government companies that allowed them to obtain huge budgets and a strong franchise that allowed them to bring in the best players and conclude the most expensive deals, but amid some accusations regarding corruption and wasting public money.

Algerian Football Federation

Large state-owned companies supported Algerian clubs, such as the international company Sonatrach with the club. Mouloudia of Algiersand the ports company “Serport” with the capital club, the company “Mobilis”, the largest mobile phone operator in Algeria, with the Kabylie youth, the energy company “Sonelgaz” with the Setif Entente, and the company “Herbrock” with the Mouloudia of Oran.

Security authorities are investigating a financial case in the Algerian league championship

A source said,win win“The security and judicial authorities will investigate the management of some Algerian clubs in the coming few days, and will question their officials regarding suspicions of corruption, especially since many of these clubs have benefited from huge budgets, but in the end their officials always leave behind huge and astonishing debts, sometimes reaching hundreds of millions, which has raised suspicions regarding the squandering of public money.

The economic division of the Algerian judicial police had investigated in the past period, regarding financial violations that characterized the management of the Algerian football body during the past years and years, during which officials, employees and former members within the Algerian Football Federation were heard, specifically during the past period that witnessed 3 presidents assuming the leadership of the federation.

A special source revealed to “win win“That officials of the Algerian Football Federation, who previously held leadership and management positions in the Federation from 2017 to 2023, will be heard before the investigating judge at the Sidi M’hamed Court in Algiers, on Monday, July 1, regarding financial cases that have undermined the financial situation of the Algerian Football Federation.

The same legal procedures are expected to extend to officials in Algerian clubs that have benefited from government funding and national companies during the past period, in a procedure intended to hold accountable those involved in corruption in the Algerian Professional League, and to restore the financial balance of the clubs, after the failure of the professionalism project in its broader sense among the Algerian League clubs.

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