Inter Milan is threatened by a stifling financial crisis due to debts

The financial stability of Inter Milan, which won the Italian Football League title, is now threatened by the American investment fund Oaktree Capital, according to what the Chinese club president, Stephen Zhang, announced on Saturday.

Zhang, president of Suning Company, which owns the club, said Inter His company quickly paid off debts amounting to hundreds of millions of euros.

Inter Milan will be led by its coach Simone Inzaghi Officially won the title after facing Lazio on Sunday in the final stage of the league, which secured its title five stages before its end.

Inter Milan is obligated to pay its debts

But what was supposed to be a festive weekend was overshadowed by a deadline on Monday to repay Oaktree Capital some 375-380 million euros, and Suning may give up its ownership of the club if the debts are not repaid.

Zhang alleged that Oaktree was obstructing negotiations, explaining: “We have made every effort with our partner to find an amicable solution, including multiple paths for Oaktree to achieve a full and immediate financial return.”

Inter Milan's sporting director confirms that he is close to renewing the contract of the team's duo (X/@Inter_en) and Winwin

He added: “Unfortunately, our efforts have been met with legal threats and a lack of active involvement from Oaktree. Not only has this been frustrating and disappointing, but this behavior now poses potential risks to the club that may seriously threaten its stability.”

He pointed out that the emergency loan was agreed upon three years ago; But the Corona pandemic has devastated clubs financially across Europe, adding: “We are committed to working towards a peaceful solution with Oaktree and continuing our success story with Inter, which we love.”

Inter Milan incurred losses amounting to 85 million euros in the 2022-2023 season, after major losses amounting to 140 million euros and 245.6 million in the previous two seasons. Press reports indicated that Suning is close to borrowing an amount of approximately 430 million euros from another American investment fund.

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