Insulting and attacking Ronaldo, is it justified…! See the numbers

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Hey Koura: The Saudi Investment Fund has paid billions for the economic and sporting future in particular… The goal is clear to everyone. We want a competitive league. We want an attractive league. We want an Arab championship that competes with the five major leagues… All of these goals will not be achieved except with comprehensive integration, financially, artistically, and media… Otherwise, the system will not exist. It is intact and the road is prone to difficulties.

We will not talk about the master of the first decision and the godfather of the vision, who laid the foundation stone for the entire economic system, not just sports… Involving sovereign decisions in the statements of players and media polemics is inappropriate and should not be in the focus of daily conversations unless there is a clear bias, then everyone will be in a patriotic mould. One .

Cristiano Ronaldo, the best player in the world, the most famous player in the world, and the richest professional in the world… He made a pivotal decision in his life and a historic challenge… Yes, he brought a large sum of money, but the same amount was offered to others and he fled… He talks about the Saudi League and praises him with positive words… Suddenly his words are interpreted in a negative direction… Another is accused of traitor, petty, arrogant, and other obscene words… This is unacceptable and illogical, and it is a distortion of the image that we want to reach globally… Private accounts and personal problems between clubs should not be the important part of the external image… We must give our guests respect intellectually and technically… It must To deal with those who come to us in an advanced, civilized manner… The old mentality of interpreting speech and hitting below the belt is outdated now. A young child in the middle of the Amazon forest can reach the truth and knows its details well… There is no need for interpretation and riding the wave.

According to the latest report by the CNN news network, it was published that Ronaldo’s advertising value amounts to approximately 12 million riyals, and since the arrival of the Portuguese, he has published more than 100 publications about Al-Nasr and Saudi Arabia, meaning approximately one and a quarter billion riyals, in just 8 months, and the value of his entire contract during one year is 800 million riyals… other than Sponsorship contracts and European broadcast rights and his influence on the rest of the players to sign and come to the Saudi League… He did not lie. He said, “He is the pioneer of this change at the level of professionals and players.”

Ronaldo did not skimp at any moment on his club or on the country in which he and his family live… Ronaldo fights for victory more than the emerging players in the club… Ronaldo does not delay in any technical or media demands… Trolling the player is a very shameful thing.

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